Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tom's Chicken Pot Pies

In a little shop at 915 Vine St., Cincinnati, OH, 45202, phone 513-235-2400, resides Tom Wolf a gregarious Chicken Pot Pie maker. Tom settled on this avenue of expression after trying the Priesthood and several other callings. He thinks he has found his niche, and who am I to argue.
I stopped by the other day and purchased 2 of his pies; one, Original Chicken Pot Pie and one, Alfrredo Chicken, Broccoli Pot Pie. Took them home, reheated and shared them for dinner with Marilyn.
The Chicken is billed as made with Crust, savory sauce, sausage, peas, carrots and all white meat chunks of chicken; the Alfredo has fresh Broccoli, Chunks of all white meat chicken in a light Roasted Garlic and Parmesan sauce.
The Crusts are excellent. Slightly sweet, flaky and backed to perfection. The sauce is more than generous in the Chicken PP and a much smaller amount in the Alfredo. The stuffing's, at least in our two, were sparse. All ingredients, advertised, were there but in a very small amount.
Tom says the pies weight approximately one pound each and I don't doubt his word. If you like crust and sauce, with some filling you'll enjoy Tom's creations. They certainly are enough for one if you are a reasonable eater.

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