Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bonefish Grill

Shortly after Bonefish Grill opened their store( they are a chain, part of the Outback Group) at 2737 Madison Road, 45209-phone 513-321-5222 Marilyn and I became friends with the Managing Partner, that is their terminology for their top location Manager. We found the food decent,attractive, reasonable and always plenty. Marilyn usually brought some home.
Tom Schidler, the Manager, has moved on to run a P.F.Chang operation in Raleigh, NC. and has been replaced by Wes Loftus. After a fairly long hiatus we returned last evening. The restaurant still does a good job and probably is as good a place to have seafood, in their price range as there is in Cincinnati.
Last night, after the usual libations, we decided to split and order of Walleye, which the menu showed with several preparations, and an order of Whitefish. Much to our disappointment the server returned, in a few minutes, to inform us that there was no Walleye available. I am always at a loss to understand why a restaurant has items on the menu that they can not serve, or at least why they don't brief the servers so that they tell the customer during the ordering process or before.
Be that as it may, we settled on the Whitefish and Artic Char. Both turned out to be very tasty,well prepared and ample. Salad is extra, a reasonable add on charge, but the entrees come with a side, we both had "angle hair" with a Marinara Sauce and a complimentary vegetable. That plus good warm bread is sufficient. Our favorite salad is the "house" served with a citrus vinaigrette. Drinks, dinner and Marilyn's coffee with a 20% tip came to $63 for the two of us.
We have stayed away too long and will return when we want good flat fish in a relaxed atmosphere.

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