Sunday, July 29, 2007


I know I wrote comments about Nectar just a week ago. I don't plan to write every time I go back to a place, however, last night, the couple we had dinner with, had read the Blog and wanted to go, as they had never been.
As you gathered from my earlier "jottings" I think Julie Francis is a Wizard, not Harry Potter. Her combinations of food and sauces are fantastic. She seems to have a real feel and therefore dinner at Nectar is a culinary treat.
The menu is limited and slightly unusual. Last night two groups came in, were seated and then left after looking at the menu. Nectar is not a Steak and Potato place, although there is nothing wrong with that either.
Last night I had a fresh 3 bean salad. the beans were crispy and the marinade was perfect. I followed with Chiles Rellenos, and item usually not on the menu. The chili was large and stuffed with a sauteed green and a light cheese. more cheese was sprinkled on the top and then the whole thing was run under the broiler. It was served on a spicy fresh tomato, fine, salsa with an accompaniment of black beans and sliced avocado plus a touch of sour cream. Marilyn had an excellent fresh tomato salad mixed with field greens and peppers, with small pita chips and red onion slices. For a main course she ordered Chicken Pot Pie, which also was new to the menu. She ate it all but said the Pot Pie was slightly salty for her taste.
For dessert we shared a Peach Tart Titan with Chocolate Gelloto. The Tart was topped with fresh berries and a outstanding light sauce of a simple syrup with a berry reduction. The wonderful dessert topped a delightful meal and left a beautiful after taste.
What more can I say, except now you know why I have written twice.

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