Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I wish I could rave about McCarmick&Schmick's (M&S), at 21 East Fifth St. Cincinnati,OH, 45202-phone 513-721-9339, but I just can't. When M&S came to town, last fall, they did so as wonderful citizens, which to my knowledge they have remained. They spent a good deal of money building a large, beautiful restaurant in the Westin Hotel, helping to boost Downtown and they also supported the arts community with generous pre-opening meals.
Unfortunately as good a citizen as they have been the food has never been memorable and the service, while it has improved, is not first rate. Too bad.
Last night our dinners were, as they have been in the past. Drinks were fine, but slow in coming. Salad, ample for sharing and served on chilled plates. however the orders came with some small "mix-ups" and the food was only ordinary. My Maryland, fried, Blue crab (1) was lonely on the plate with about 4 Asparagus spears, under cooked and brown at the lower stem, and a slice of lemon. Marilyn had Walleye. We may be spoiled by summers in Northern Wisconsin, but hers couldn't compare. It was not firm and had very little taste. She also had the Asparagus, with the same result and good looking oven browned redskin potatoes. Bread and butter are on the table and as usual Marilyn ended with "decaf" Total bill including tax and tip was $76 for the two of us.
I want to support M&S,however, value and food seem better at Bonefish Grille and at Mitchell's.

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