Saturday, July 14, 2007

Nectar Restaurant

Julie Frances, the owner and Chef, at Nectar, 1000 Delta Ave (Mt. Lookout Square),Cincinnati, OH 45208, phone 513-929-0525, is one of Cincinnati's most interesting and talented preparers of delectable food. The menu, at Nectar, is limited but everything is done with attention to detail, flavors and quality. As you have already noticed I like the place.
My only complaint is, that to me, it is very noisy. Julie says the simple solution to that is to come on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, when they are less busy. We were there last night, Friday at 7:30.
As usual we dined with another couple. They got the time mixed up and arrived a half hour early and so were well into a bottle of Red wine, which they had ordered after a glass of white. Nectar has a small bar which has a good but limited selection of whiskeys, wine and beer.
After my usual Bombay I ordered the Charcuterie plate, which is large enough to share, although I didn't. It contains liver pate, marinated cucumbers, Prosciutto, whole grained mustard, shrimp pate, marinated sweet onions and some picked olives or peppers. It is served with as much fresh bread as one wants and that plus wine would certainly be a light meal in and of itself. Of course, I went on and had Wild Alaskan Salmon, grilled MR and served on a bed of Mediterranean fine grain. There was enough light sauce to moisten the grain and the dish was garnished with quarters of fresh cooked beets that had been slightly chilled. Along the ends of the plate were thin slices of 3 kinds of mushrooms cooked to resemble small country fried potatoes, an interesting and delicious accompaniment.
The others had as main courses beautifully prepared duck breast, a medium rare flank steak, which Marilyn said was "chewy" and another serving of salmon. As First courses the women had a beautiful tomato salad, with a lot of "goodies" and the other male had wonderful looking Shrimp Fritters, three good sized with a citrus sauce. Three coffees finished the meal.
Total cost for the 4, including tax, $182. Go and try Nectar, if you like quiet, try a week night.

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