Sunday, July 22, 2007


Vincenzo's started life as Germano's in a converted gasoline station on Route 4 across the street from Mary Knoll. When the owner, Germano, moved to Montgomery the chef, Vincenzo Mazzocca took over. He renamed the restaurant, for guess who, but stayed at the same location until he could find a better spot. Finally he took over an Asia place at 11525 Chester Road, Cincinnati, OH 45246-phone 513-771-0022. He and his wife run the very satisfying full menued Italian Restaurant where everything is cooked to order.
If you read my piece about Italian chain restaurants you will find that Vincenzo's is a good step above them. There are appetizers, Pasta dishes, fish, chicken and at least one steak for those of my friends, and his customers, who believe steak is the only thing to eat, when one dines out.
Vincenzo's has a full bar and so last night I started with the usual. My entree was a misto consisting of large shrimp, scallops, and salmon( I requested the fish be medium rare, which it was) served on Angel Hair with a sauce of fresh tomato's and an abundance of fresh sliced mushrooms. The base of the sauce was olive oil, white wine and a touch of garlic. The other main courses were; Angle Hair with a sauce of mushrooms, artichokes and asparagus to which one can add chicken, pork or shrimp, Angle Hair with fresh clams, either in a white or red sauce, the fourth, in our party had a large bowl of mussels. We all had the house salad, which comes with the main courses along with Italian Bread and an Herb butter, while I enjoyed a glass of Pinto Gees, while others had tonic or ice tea. With coffee and tip the average price is about $65/couple. Vincenzo's has a large parking lot and is handicapped accessible. Good Italian food at a reasonable price.

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