Wednesday, June 18, 2008


This is basically a filler to bring my Blogging up to date. I have been very lax in recording because most of the places we have gone since returning from Europe, approximately a month ago, are repeats and you nor I need to rehash( poor pun) them.
I'll just report the names and add a few comments:
Terry's- gotten so popular one must go at off hours
Via Vite- good Italian; nice night sit outside up stairs
Porkopolus-Easy, on the way downtown for a show or activity
Silver Spring House- out by Harper's Point and justly famous for their wonderful roast chicken
Bela Luna- Italian; we use as a backup when the wait a Terry's is too long-acceptable
Pigal's- not a back up for anywhere, but a destination
Nectar- A favorite, always fresh and interesting
Vincenzo's-Chester Road- good standard Italian at a reasonable price
Walt's- our favorite for ribs, but feel they are not doing too well
Otto's- not fair, we are good friends and I even cook there once in a while
Honey- the other of the three chef run and owned places we love to frequent
Aspera- Blue Ash- improved form our last visit- large-Asia-good
Pelian's Reef- Great seafood bar on Beechmont
Oceanaie- New, will report on this addition to the Cincinnati dining scene shortly

We don't eat home often.

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