Monday, July 28, 2008

Matzo Marbles

If I ever get to understand why the computer works some times and doesn't others I will have mastered a who new area. In the mean time here is a very short update.
Several weeks ago, Camp Nebagamon, where Marilyn and I spend as much of the summer as we can, served Matzo Balls, golf ball sized, and ran out before everyone got some. To remedy the situation last week they served Matzo Ball Soup with the Matzo Balls the size of Marbles, not even shooters, there were plenty left over.
Here are some places we have eaten since last writing:
The "Deep Lake Lodge"-Ironwood WI. Lakeside rustic dining room with OK food,
"White Birch"- Solon Springs, WI. Our son Charles says it has the best salad bar in the North Woods and he may be right. At least around here,
And Belisio- Duluth MN. Acceptable Italian Food, slightly pricey for this part of the world and spotty service,
The "Anchor Bar"-Superior WI, Outstanding Burgers and Fries in an old Great Lakes sailors waterfront bar.
More later when we hit a few more spots.

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