Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summary of first 3 weeks

I am enjoying our wonderful summer break at Camp Nebagamon for Boys, you can Google it if you have any interest. We have been here, as camp Grandparents, 264 Campers and 120 Staff for almost 3 weeks and have another 4 to go.
We eat a lot of meals at Camp, which serves good, boy friendly food, tonight it's Pizza, but also hit the surrounding area.
On this post I intend to only list the names and places we have eaten, away from camp, and may give more details on several after I return home, and am in front of my own computer.
Here is the list so far:
"Harvest", Madison WI, first class
"Boat House", Barkers Island, Superior WI, on the harbor with good food
"Culver's", Superior WI, every time we pass and like the "flavor of the day", which is often
"Blue Max", Fish Lake MN, new owners of this road house, not worth extra 2 gallons of gasoline
"Road House", Hawthorne WI, US53 and County B. Clean, new, accommodating and decent
"A & W, Iron River WI, US 2, stick with the root beer
"Wild Rice" Bayfield WI, a must if you are within a hundred miles, outstanding
"Big Daddy's Burger", Duluth MN, new to us with great burgers, fries and other dishes
"Le Bistro", Superior WI, one year old with interesting food at both lunch and dinner
"Spooner Market and Grill, Spooner WI, Harvard grad gone north to raise her family. Only dinner Friday and Saturday, changes cuisine every week.

I believe there may have been one or two others but at least this is a start.
More later but now have to get out on the lake for another beautiful afternoon.

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