Sunday, November 16, 2008


Do we eat out a lot? The obvious answer is YES.
Last night it was "Nicola's" at 1420 Sycamore St., Cincinnati, OH 45202-phone 513-721-6200.
We went with another couple, as we usually do, and had a 7:30 reservation. We were seated immediately, ahead of some others who obviously had a later time or no reservation. The restaurant was pleasantly full, as one might expect on a Saturday night. The service was welcoming and efficient.
Starting with my Bombay, the other couple had red wine, I moved ahead with a Belgian Endive salad which consisted of the shaved root, and to my surprise no leaves. The salad was lightly dressed with a pungent vinegar based mixture.
I split an order, each, of Gnudi pasta, with a pumpkin filling and sauce, and a roasted Gnocchi with three cheeses. The main course was served beautifully to the women of the other couple and to me on a large plate with 4 divisions, the other two held a very small amount of fruit chutney and a small amount of chives. The two main items were very tasty and adequate if you are not very hungry or are watching your calories. As readers know I am a semi bottomless pit.
Marilyn had a flat noodle pasta with a Bolognese sauce made in house with veal and beef. She gave me a taste and it was very well executed. Add to that a de-cafe coffee and we spent slightly over $100 including tip.
The food at "Nicola's" is very good and interesting but the price point is on the high side for an Italian Restaurant in Cincinnati. many of the entrees run between $30 and $40 and do not include any sides.

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