Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nu Vo

Tuesday night we drove over the bridge and into Newport. Between 5th and 6th St, on York St, on the right side of the street, going South, is a building which once was a Pizza parlor and now is the home of "Nu Vo", a small upscale restaurant, which started in Florence KY and moved about 6 weeks ago to it's current location, 527 York St-phone 859-261-1222.
The place is attractive in an inclusive way. The main room seats about 20 and has an open kitchen while a second room holds 10 to 12. The night we were there there were 3 tables occupied each by four guests. The kitchen is maned by the two owners, who are both chefs and the lone server handled drinks (wine and beer only) and food.
Nu Vo is the kind of restaurant about which I have mixed feelings. It is great to have people preparing interesting food and presenting it skillfully however the trend they have followed of very small, pricey portions is hard to sallow (no pun) in these, and often other times. Marilyn's word for this type place is "cutesy".
Marilyn and I split an order of "Grits" with a shaving or two of white truffles. Price $13 for our first course. The kitchen split the order, which came in bowels with a salty beef stock. For my main course I had the last order of Venison. Two small slices served on diced root vegetables, $25. Marilyn had sliced Veal Tenderloin. Again a small helping but very tasty. It also had the root vegetables and cost $25. Along with the food we split, with the other couple, a bottle of medium priced red wine. The other couple had scallops, 4 medium sized, and ravioli stuffed with fois gras. They were pleased with the preparation but were not stuffed.
I may be of the school that likes to have good food but still remember the Mother who wanted no one to leave hungry.

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