Sunday, January 11, 2009

Edgecliff Bistro, and others

The is a difficult post to enter. I am somewhat conflicted and yet the guiding principle of all my entrees is the truth, as I perceive it. I love the Restaurant business and understand some of it's difficulties on the other hand open reporting has to be the only guiding principle. That said, here goes.
Last night 7 of us went to "The Edgecliff Bistro" in the older Edgecliff tower at Victory Parkway and Eden Park. The Restaurant opened in Sept. and they are still getting their act together. The food was very good, with all dishes well prepared, as ordered. The service, both in the front of the house and the kitchen show a real need for addition training and supervision. "The Edgecliff" is part of the Jean-Ro organization but I believed it is solely owned by the Wades. I am not going to dwell, this time, on the deficiencies but they were obvious, to anyone, and sufficient to down grade what should have been a very pleasant evening. From lack of table supervision to kitchen errors they were numerous both in service and food temperature and timing.
I had an excellent piece of Salmon, cooked medium rare, with grilled tomato's' and a green salad. Others had trout with potato's and Green beans, Lamb burgers, Chicken in a cream sauce and Onion soup. The table ordered "beer battered onion rings, which everyone praised and Fried Calamari, not as successful. We had coupon's for dessert and I tasked the "Tarte Tartan" which again was very good.
There is inside parking and the place is handicapped accessible
I had a long talk with the Manager and he is aware of the problems. He also gave us a small Gift Certificate to be used for a future meal.
We will return, if only to give them a second chance and enjoy some very good food.

My granddaughters wanted to have lunch at "Jean-Roberts Greenup Cafe", 308 Greenup St.,Covington KY 859-261-3663. Only the downstairs dinning room was open and it is small and very noisy. Either the kitchen was understaffed or swamped by the Friday crowd. The menu is interesting an is reminiscent of a "ladies tea parlor" of my youth. although the place is well populated by males.
I chose vegetarian Chili and a green salad. It's a new year and I am working on my "Buddha Belly".
Marilyn had excellent chicken salad, of which I had a small taste while one Granddaughter had tuna salad and the other a croissant with avocado and brie. The food was fresh and quite acceptable.

Off to "Cumin" 3520 Erie Ave. Cincinnati 513-871-8714, to meet a younger couple. That night I had my usual Bombay plus a green salad and Aloo Gobi, crisp Cauliflower in a spicy sauce. The dish included rice which I finessed. Marilyn had their excellent Lamb Shank and we shared an order of Peshawri Naan, my favorite. The naan is stuffed with golden raisins and pistachio nuts, how can it be bad. It's another restaurant that treats everyone as honored guests and Mung, their head server is bright, sparkling, efficient and always upbeat. One of our regular haunts.

"Mitchell's Fish Market" Newport of the Levee, Newport, KY 859-291-7454. Again we meet a couple, this time our age. After a drink, Marilyn and I split a "Titanic Iceberg Wedge", lettuce with 1000 Island dressing and tomato' and chopped eggs. I choose Shrimp and Scallops American. A good choice, recommended by the server with a tangy sauce and firm seafood. Marilyn had her somewhat usually Tilapia which she reported to be very nicely done. It's a go9d chain for both basic and interesting seafood and often no crowded.

That's been the week and now for a couple of nights a home with lettuce and lemon juice (ha).

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