Saturday, January 17, 2009

Three Nights Out

This week we ate out three nights in a row. Not really unusual but also not helpful with my New Years Resolution to loose weight. As anyone knows eating at home is a lot easier way to control calories.
Tuesday night after drinks and nibbles at our cousins, in Blue Ash, we moved on to the "Montgomery Inn" 9940 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati 45242-513-791-3482. "Montgomery Inn" is the most professional operation in our area, at all levels, and has been rated with "Jimmy's Harbor side" in Boston as tops in that category as well as number of meals served.
Some people describe the operation as "a factory" but I believe that has negative connotations.
The food, service, kitchen etc. are all set and better than lots of places that don't have their acts together. When you order, here, you know what you will get, although the servers try to understand your desires and comply. If their items appeal to you there is very little chance that you will be disappointed.
I thought I could control myself by just ordering the full Iceberg wedge with Roquefort dressing and a baked sweet potato. Little did I expect the dressing to be loaded with cream, mayonnaise and bacon bits as well as plenty of cheese, the dressing alone must have been 500 calories, unfortunately it was delicious. The baked sweet potato came not only with a whipped butter but one that included maple syrup and nuts, again a difficult thing to pass for a foodie. Not only did I eat mine but I had some of my cousins chopped steak, very good, the same as Marilyn choose and more that one or two of her Saratoga Chips. All these plus a good bite of onion straws left dieting for another day. All the food was tastey and served as ordered.

Wednesday night was a wonderful surprise. Before the "Smart Talk" lecture the two of us went with two other women to "The Newport Syndicate", 18 E 5th St. Newport KY 41071-859-491-8000. The Syndicate has a long history dating back to the 1930's when gambling was allowed and it has seen life as a casino, a bowling ally, a Jeff Ruby inspired banquet hall and currently as a restaurant and cocktail lounge. The decor is "art deco" and the place is bright and inviting.
I am a member of an Italian Fraternal group and have been with one of the new owners, also a member and Italian, at the "Federal Reserve" bar, downtown, "The Reserve" at Newport on the Levee and now the "Syndicate". This seems the best and the certainly the most fun.
Price points are unbelievable with my Shrimp and Angle Hair plus a good sized salad $14.95. Marilyn had Angle Hair with meat sauce(Bolognese) and salad, again $14.95. One of the ladies had the Chicken Pesto Flat Bread, quite enough for a meal, for $9.95.
Monday's they run a Prime Roast Beef special for $14.95, unbelievable.
Run, don't walk to "The Newport Syndicate" before my friend Mike, one of the owners, wakes up. You'll be glad you did.

Thursday night it was back to "The Rookwood" 1077 Celestial St -513-421-5555. Last time I was there I had one of the loaded hamburgers but this time, trying to make up for Tuesday, I stuck with the grilled chicken breast, it comes with a Cajun rub which adds a spicy flavor and keeps the breast juicy. I passed on the Swiss, which is included and the kettle chips and asked instead for some extra Cole slaw. I did not resist a draft Christian Moreline which was a fine compliment. Our server, Michelle, was pleasant, outgoing, attractive and efficient, what more can an old man ask.
The one disturbing happening was the rib eye steak which one of the other couple ordered. It came with so much fat and gristle that it had to be returned. The Manager, Luke, handled the situation promptly and pleasantly and all left satisfied.
"TheRookwood" is not impressive, but then it doesn't try to be. It's food and service are good and it is a fine drop in place with a limited but well though out menu.

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