Saturday, February 7, 2009

20 Brix

"It's a long long way to Tipperary", my age is showing, not quite so far to "20 Brix" 101 Main Street, Milford, Ohio 45150- 513-831-2749(Brix) and a lot more pleasant journey.
Last night, with an older couple, can you imagine, we made our first visit, it will not be our last. Most of the diners seem to be in their 30's and 40's so as you might imagine we raised the average age considerably, enough on age, which I must be feeling today.
"20 Brix", a wine term, has been in business a little over a year. It is located in a reconditioned building, which once housed a barber shop, and is attractive with 2/3 seating and the balance wine bar and wine sales area.
The service is attentive, from bussers thru owners and all are knowledgeable and helpful. They are proud of their establishment and want one to have a pleasant time. I had the feeling that if something was not right it would be made so promptly.
The wine list is extensive and divided by categories. There are many selections available by the glass and all by the bottle. Pour size comes as 2 oz or 5 oz and the latter is certainly a reasonable amt. Our table had 3 different wines, Marilyn doesn't drink. The other couple each had a glass of the same Willamette Valley Pinto while I started with a Barbarra, from the Piedmont region and then a Nibbollo( I'm sure it is misspelled) also Italian. The later is slightly higher in price and I found a slight bit lighter and smoother.
For dinner Marilyn and I chose to split a Cesar Salad, lightly dressed, which as a first course was sufficient. She followed with Walleye, a favorite, beautifully done and served on a bed of sliced vegetables. I got to taste and it was excellent. I ordered two "small plates" one of "crispy duck Brest" which was not "crispy" and slightly underdone, for my taste. The orange sauce was rich but again too salty to be totally satisfying. Her again it maybe that I try to eat as little sodium as possible. My other selection was a risotto ball with ground Italian sausage slightly baked and then popped in a deep fryer till golden brown. This went beautifully with the 2nd glass of wine. It it served, very cleverly, on a plate holding the 3 balls in separate compartments where they rest on a sweet red pepper coils with a dab of pesto on top of each ball. I only managed 2 and the other resides in our refrigerator. The meal ended with the 4 of us splitting an apple tart, with a very good light crust and chunks of fresh apples.
The total cost was approximately $50/person including tip and tax. Not cheap but reasonable for a fine evening with good food and an excellent selection of wine.

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