Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We find a lot of places we go fit the "ethnic" category. Sometimes it's to try something new and others it's just to cater to a hankering.
Saturday night, Marilyn and I stoped at "Sung Korean Bistro" 700 Elm St. Cincinnati, Ohio 45202. 513-721-7864. "Sung" is a cousin, figuratively and literally, of "Riverside Korean Restaurant" in Covington. The decor is bright and more modern and the food not as authentic.
Marilyn and I have different tastes, especially on seasonings so when we set out to "split" a meal it is a bargaining process.
Our server, who was tall, and had to duck to miss a light fixture, was very helpful and patient, and we settled on "Haemul Pajeo", an egg pancake stuffed, and I use the word loosely, with seafood, bean sprout and several other items. The pancake was light and fluffy the stuffing was an essence rather than a presence. Our other item was "Bulgogi" a marinated and grilled beef which to us was very reminiscent of Japanese Sukiyaki. The egg dish was very mild and the beef was sweeter than spicy. The beef plate was adorned with shaved veggies and of course white rice, which was perfect with the marinade.
With drinks, the total was $37.50 before tax and gratuity. Dinner was prompt, hot, good and met our requirements in amount and timeliness. Next time I will "go it alone" and will be more adventurous.

"Ban Thai" 792 Eastgate South 300, Cincinnati OH 45245-513-752-3200 came to us via the current issue of "Cincinnati Magazine". They list their choice of the "top ten", I don't always agree, but I do with # 1, and then show five places where the chef's like to go to eat. "Ban Thai" was the place the #1 winner chooses for his family and so we though, what the heck, we'll give it a try. We're glad we did.
"Ban Thai" is located in the Eastgate Mall, a far drive when we have Thai around the corner, across the street from "Mac Donald's". It is amongst some stores in a strip mall and is pleasant in the ambiance category but in no way special. The food however is.
The magazine write up mentioned the stuffed chicken wings and so that is how we started our meal. Our navigator and companion is the priest from St. Rose Parrish and he is great company as well as a worthy trench man. I wont spoil the surprise but the "wings" are unlike any you can imagine and make a great introduction. Marilyn had Pad Thai, our friend spicy chicken and I settled for Seafood Dynasty. All were good sized serving, served hot from the kitchen, without fanfare and seasoned, in hotness, just as we ordered. The ingredients are fresh, the food tasty and it is worth the ride, if you have that hankering, or Eastgate is one of your regular haunts.

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