Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

I just noticed that it has been almost three weeks since my last posting. Slight explanation in a bit.
Today is Father's Day and truthfully I am thinking more about our Grandchildren than our three wonderful children. To quote Bill Cosby,"if I had know how much fun the Grandchildren would be I'd have rented the children".
We have been to 3 Graduations in the last 30 days. Our Granddaughter's in St Louis, was covered fully, and two additional Grandchildren, one of each gender, in California. We were gone a good 10 days and then returned home to some changed family conditions with our daughter, here in Cincinnati.
A brief word about the 2 High School Graduations in California. They were extremely different. The LA one was beautiful, formal and run like clockwork. The Mendocino event was typical North Coast, warm, personal and expansive. We spent time with family at both.
Now a few comments on meals we had, out, around and between events.
In LA we took two younger siblings to 'Pizzicotto" 11758 San Vicente Blvd, Brentwood, CA 90049-310-442-7188. It bills itself as an Italian market Bistro and it is certainly Italian. The space is thin with a large display case and kitchen taking up a major part of the first floor, although there are tables in the front and on the side. Upstairs are approximately 8 tables capable of seating 4 to 8. We were upstairs seated next to the counter holding open wine bottles, cheeses and condiments, a regular self service spot for we foodies.
Marilyn and the 2 offspring shared and excellent, thin crust pizza of fresh tomato's and prosciutto, an order of Gnocchi and one of Angel Hair Bolognese. I was more adventurous and chose one of the specials a wonderful full dish of Black Squid Ink Pasta, fresh tomato's, roast Garlic, and large prawns all topped with a sauteed soft shell crab. The waiter warned that it was a lot for one, and it was, but I was up to it. It took a couple bottles of Italian Beer to help the digestion. I will gladly return to "Pizzicotto", although it is a long way for dinner from Cincinnati.

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