Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Two Great Meals

Our two Cincinnati Granddaughters, we have 5, returned to Cincinnati last week, from college. One has graduated and the other will be a Sophomore next year. They wanted to try some place "new and fun". Good food, in this family, does not have to be mentioned. Marilyn suggested "Bootsy's", Walnut between 6th and 7th, an excellent choice. We had been there before and it is on the Blog a month or two ago. Again we were not disappointed, and if anything the food has improved.
We had a 7 PM reservation which was honored promptly. The last two visits we have been seated in the same, front section, booth. The Booths are spacious but a little wide for easy conversation. Once again I asked that the music be turned down, which happened promptly.
All of us shared an array of delicious, small plates(tapis). The Calamari remains outstanding. Other items, also very good, were the Duck Tacos, Plantains and Cesar Salad while the Fish Taco's remains to bland for my taste. Our eldest Granddaughter and I divided the Seafood Paella, for two, while her younger sister had the short ribs, beautifully done and very tasty and Marilyn had a wonderful piece of Flounder. The food was all excellent and the service matched.
Drinks, Bombay, of course, and two glasses of wine plus coffee brought the total tab a slight bit above $140 before tip. Extremely reasonable for the quality and amount of food served. Some of the Paella, even went home with Granddaughter and we are not light eaters.

The next night it was back to "Oriental Wok" at The Regency. This spot is getting to be a habit. There were seven that evening, all immediate family, and the main draw was fresh Soft Shell Crabs. Five of the seven are devotees. Guy, the Chef, fixed them 2 ways and being an adventurous group we all asked for our portion to have some of each. We each received one fried and the other sauteed in a Wok with five spices.
After several round of drinks, for the ancients, and a smattering for the others, we started with a large platter of their excellent appetizers. I have yet to find one I don't like or that was not prepared very well. Next came the main courses, mostly crab, as mentioned, accompanied by rice of ones choice. Guy sent a portion of eggplant for the table. The vegetable had been peeled, cut into chunks and steamed before he mixed it with a very light creamy tofu sauce containing a mixture of equally mild herbs and spices, delicious. For desert we all shared one helping of ice cream and birthday cake, on the house, plus a large white chocolate scone, baked on the premises, covered with ice cream, fresh strawberries and just to make sure it is rich enough, a large amount of whipped cream. You need half a dozen, just to share.
We keep going back because the food, service and hospitality are all remarkable. The "Oriental Wok" is not a $4.95, Chinese Buffet, and it doesn't compete on price, but nothing about it is in that class and the seafood is as good, if not better, than any you can find in the city. It's a first class dining experience at a reasonable price.

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