Monday, August 24, 2009

A Pattern

As you will see a pattern is developing. We go out, a lot, almost always with friends, I eat a lot and then complain about a weight gain. At least the reason is not hard to figure out.
It was a "heavy week", both in dinners and calories.
Tuesday night, with the young couple that own "Otto's", we went to "Cumin" in East Hyde Park. We have always liked "Cumin" and in my opinion it has only gotten better with the addition of a new Chef, from New York, who now works along with "Yash". Their menu has expanded slightly and the new dishes add to ones choices. We began the meal with an order of Eggplant Chips, always a good bet, and a Cumin Salad, for the table. The Cumin salad was very interesting and delicious. They take the "spring roll wrappers", brake them, sauteed and then add, excellent thinly sliced new potatoes and chickpeas. The dressing contains Indian spices, lemon juice and a touch of vinegar.
The four main courses were: Lobster Pasta, with large pieces of the crustacean in a light tomato sauce mixed with spaghetti; Heirloom Polenta, a creamy polenta with mushrooms, tomato bits and chives in a very light cream sauce; excellent well executed roast pork and for me an Ahai Tuna Pizza served on a large lavash type crust with some raw salmon and onions and tomatoes.
Two different Nams filled us with delightful food and pleasant drinks.
Wednesday, with 3 others we went to "Oriental Wok-Regency" for another of Guy's special meals. After drinks we started with a repeat of the chicken salad( described in a previous "posting" and egg roll appetizer. This was followed with 4 main dishes. A whole Roasted Crispy chicken,( Guy has been working to perfect this for almost a month, and has succeeded). The skin is indeed crispy while the inside is full cooked and very moist. A platter of sliced Roast Pork with Bar-B-Que sauce on a bed of lettuce, Eggplant with a yogurt sauce and wonderful vegetable, pan fried Lo Mein, heavy on mushrooms and scallions.
Thursday it was "Primavista", ouch my waist line. We were seated at a table window and watched the city go from daylight to darkness as the lights came on all over downtown. For our dinners we chose, veal Picatta, veal Discepoli( mushrooms, artichokes and grilled shrimp), veal with a roasted tomato and pepper sauce and the evening fresh fish special, all dinners are served with a nice size house salad and one or two sides. For dessert the 4 of us shared a Gelati Misti, 3 scoops of extremely smooth Gelati; dark chocolate, raspberry and hazel nut.
Oh, by the way, as if I wasn't eating enough I returned to "Virgils" Wednesday for a Pastrami Rubin.
I think I'll continue with the weekend later.

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