Friday, August 14, 2009

Yes,I'm OK

In response to the numerous questions concerning my health, because I haven't posted anything in almost 2 weeks, here it is. Thanks to the both of you who inquired, I'm fine and just haven't had a lot of eating out, comments, that were worth your time or mine.
Have we eaten out in the last 12 days, of course. Have the dinners been good, some yes and some no. But do I remember anything worth reporting, we'll see.
A week and a half ago we had some long time friends, from Nashville, dropped by for a couple of days. They left the food decisions up to us, with some input from questions I posed. The first night we went to "The Precinct" which impressed them, not just with the food but with the ambiance. For lunch the next day it was off to Clifton and "Skyline" and "Greater's", true "down home Cincinnati. That evening to a regular spot for us "Otto's" All the food was "right on"
After they departed we had a meal at "Oriental Wok-Regency" where once again the chef sent too much food, each dish better than we should have to endure. Among my favorites were the Chinese Ribs, the duck Won ton's and the pork with onions and vegetables. I found the "tiger fish somewhat dry, more like swordfish, which is not my favorite sea creature.
A treat this past week was lunch at "Virgil's" with his "homemade Pastrami", as good as I have had anywhere and that included New York and LA. It is the best thing I have had at this new restaurant. Another trip to "Virgil's", for dinner met with mixed feelings. The homemade chili was excellent, lots of meat and well seasoned while my main dish, Huevos Rancheros were very ordinary. The eggs were over cooked and the pico de guyo was not as good as you can get in a jar. A disappointment. I must say that on both visits the service was good and welcoming.
A meal at "Amarin" yielded very ordinary sushi, another disappointment, although Marilyn's Pad Thai was very good and plentiful. The other evening brought "Knotty Pine on the Bayou" with wonderful crab and crayfish Etouffee and too many deep fried Oysters, which I regretted later.
So now you you know where I've been and some of what I've had.

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