Saturday, September 12, 2009

No excuse

I have not posted anything since Aug 25. There are two reasons: one, we have not been to any place new, although some of the regulars have been very good, as usual; and two, the next night, Aug. 26, after dinner at "Otto's" Marilyn slipped on the sidewalk and ended in the street, with lacerations and blood from head to toe. Because she has been on strong medications, for a Kidney problem, the fall was a cosmetic disaster, not to mention the psychological discomfort.
We have been out, actually quite a few times, but they have been with some effort on her part and plenty of understanding from out dinner companions.
As I mentioned, we had finished a fine dinner at "Otto's", where Marilyn was the youngest of the six, the eldest being 94. Our next venture was to "Walt's Hitching Post, followed by a Birthday dinner(9 in all), at our home, for a friend who just celebrated her 90th. Several of us did the food and Marilyn was more of a guest than an active hostess. I provided "hors d'oeuvres", with an asst from Costco.
We joined a couple at "Floyd's" in Clifton for good home cooked Lebanese( spit roasted chicken), but because UC was not in session the owner and cook decided that she would cut back on her menu till the students returned. There was plenty of good food but a couple of items I wanted to try she was not cooking that evening. Three nights in a row, in early Sept. we graced "Knotty Pine on the Bayou"( pan seared grouper), the "Sky Galley", crowded and not up to usual, and again "Otto's", to let them know there were no hard feelings, only "hard knocks"
The last two ventures out were to "Bonefish", sparsely populated and "Honey"( North side) where Shoshanna is still holding forth with her interesting and inventive combinations of flavors and textures.
I have been doing a fair amount of cooking and last night dreamt up a new Roasted Fresh Tomato preparation to top some Pasta. Our farmer's market, this time of year, is a treasure chest of excellent home grown produce. The Concord Grapes have put in an appearance, which means fall is not to far away.
Several agency and community picnics over the weekend so it will be hamburger and hot dog time until the next report.

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