Tuesday, September 29, 2009


As most of you know yesterday, Monday was Yom Kippur, "the Day of Atonement". That is a solemn day of meditation and fasting. Therefore Sunday night was Erev(the night before) Yom Kippur. All Jewish Holidays start at sundown the previous day. Remember "there was darkness and then there was light". so far I haven't taxed my knowledge of Judaism, but I'm not far from doing so. What has all this to do with a "food Blog"?
We'll Sunday night is also an unofficial ritual Holiday, for on that evening many Jewish Families eat "carry out Chinese". So in keeping with tradition, that is just what we did.
Our friend Guy Burgess, of the "Oriental Wok- Regency" put together a special package, which our daughter, who has special needs could enjoy. We had "pot stickers" followed by a chopped Chinese Chicken Salad, small strips of chicken and a mix of marinated Chinese vegetables, plus his "Oriental Wok" chow mein, not Kosher since it includes Chinese roasted pork and grilled shrimp, in soft noodles, and excellent taste Pad Thai. Great food and plenty to see me through the next 24 hours.
To "break the fast" we often sample, near sundown, herring and a white fish salad. Just to get the juices running, as if that is necessary. Yesterday it was just the herring and then we were off to a delightful treat at "Nicola's" 1420 Sycamore St. Cincinnati 45202 513-721-6200. "Nicola's" is acknowledged to be one of the best, if not "the best" Italian Restaurant in Cincinnati, with a price point to match their rating.
Our good friend, and trainer, had tipped us off to what just might be the best deal in town, especially if you like outstanding, cooked to order Italian food. Monday night "Nicola's" offers an "in the bar special" of a medium sized house salad, with some of the best tasting simple dressing, virgin olive oil and well aged Balsamic vinegar, and a bowl of Pasta Bolognese, accompanied by a wonderful bread basket stuffed with a variety of items all for $13, drinks and any additions, including tips, are extra. Unbelievable food, especially the Bolognese, in a most congenial atmosphere for a terrific price. Everything was superb. What a way to "break a fast" or chow down any Monday night. I hope I don't do for "Nicola's" what Polly Campbell did for "Terry's Turf Club", but then I don't have the readership.

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