Sunday, October 18, 2009


This is the 200th posting I have make since I started over 2 years ago. Many follow the same pattern or lament, but that is the fate of a "foodie", who indulges and reports his food, drink and places he goes, as he "eat's out".
The week just passed, unfortunately was no exception. I ate out too often, consumed too many calories, too much Sodium and the weight and waistline both showed the result.
Monday, Oct 12 was lunch at "Otto's", 500 Main St in Covington. Paul Weckman, the owner has enlarged his menu and the response has been positive, all tables were full and guest were waiting. I had a delicious Turkey Rubin and a side of fresh fruit, a bow to healthy living. At dinner, with several others, we went to "Bonefish Grill", Madison Rd and Edwards, in Cincinnati. "Bonefish" had sent a gift card for my Birthday, the week before, covering an order of "bang-bang shrimp" as an appetizer. That was enough to get in the "hook". Along with the appetizer, which was shared with all I had an order of fried fresh Oysters( exceedingly sweet), a house salad, with Danish Blue Cheese and some of Marilyn's Tilapia. Unfortunately I also had a scoop of Graeter's Ice Cream. By the way, I think the house salad, at "Bonefish" is one of the best accompanying salads in the city.
Tuesday we were taken for dinner to Nicola's, 1420 Sycamore St. Cincinnati, for a Birthday celebration. "Nicola's" is excellent, but expensive, and I had offered to handle the "bar bill" so the evening might be within reason for my host. Both that night, and the previous, I started with Bombay, as is my usual custom. At "Nicola's" I had the same house salad, with the excellent oil and balsamic, I had been served on the last visit when we had the "special" in the bar. This was followed by Vermicelle with Maine lobster and Cauliflower, a superb dish. For desert we shared Panacate topped with Chocolate Ganache, hardly rich.
Wednesday a retirement group meet at "Cumin" Erie Ave. in East Hyde Park. The soup de jour was a potato basil bisk, nicely flavored and not too heavy. I followed with a "hot dog" with several Indian sauce, for me a poor choice, even though I love "hot-dogs". This was accompanied by a marinated fresh vegetable salad, which I liked more than the "hot-dog" .My mind was not "open" as the "hot-dog" is priced at $9.95. That evening, before a CCM concert, we had a light dinner at "Tink's Cafe", 3410 Telford, Clifton. I had not been to "Tink's" in well over a year and found it a fine place to grab something either before or after a show, live or on celluloid. I chose a Tempura Shrimp "Po'Boy" with sauce and Mango chutney and Bay fries. The round potato slices were done exactly as ordered, extra crispy, and are accompanied with a side of catsup.
Thursday I met a fellow CSO Board member at "Via Vite", 520 Vine St. on Fountain Square. For lunch I chose Linguine con Vogele(clams). I was disappointed as I believe the clams were canned and the dish was overly salty. That night we were invited to a cousin's Birthday Diner and though I don't report on private parties I must mention the the menu, veal, was interesting and the home made icebox cake worth two servings.
Friday was a business lunch at "Song Long Restaurant", 1737 Section Rd., Roselawn. "Song Long" remains as it has been for many years, reasonable and reliable, even though the lovely sisters have gone. I usually get the chicken chow mien, which is made with real pieces of chicken, both dark and white, and I ask that it include extra bean sprouts. That evening was an Anniversary party for friends and a group of us went to the "Precinct","dutch treat". The "Precinct" , Del;ta Ave and Columbia Parkway, is our neighborhood steak house and we have been going, half a dozen times a year since it opened. Marilyn and I usually split a steak, that night it was the bone-in Rib eye, and baked potato while each have our own salad. Sometimes I feel I should have two Bombay's to make up for Marilyn's abstinence. If I didn't think the "Precinct" was good and enjoyable I find another place for steak, as there are many in the city.
Last night, Saturday, we joined another couple at the "China Gourmet" 3340 Erie Ave, Cincinnati. All four of us consider the "China Gourmet" a place for seafood, not standard Chinese fare. Therefore, after the usual libation, I had their special Oysters, expensive at $9 for four and Marilyn and I split a pan fried Walleye ($31). The food was very good and the service likewise, but I believe the "price point" for Cincinnati is on the high side.
Tonight it's home cooking or lettuce leaves and lemon juice, sodium vamoose.

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