Friday, October 23, 2009


Wednesday and Thursday night we ate out enjoying two very good meals, however the places could not have been more of a contrast if we had planed long in advance. The meals were satisfying, and more, and in both instances as advertised, but the price point, ambiance and decor were miles apart.
For my Birthday I received a post card from the "Hitching Post" inviting me to a free dinner during the month of October( maximum value $7.95). Being one, never to turn down FREE, Marilyn and I went to the "store" in Hyde Park, corner of Edwards and Madison Roads. The "Hitching Post", as most of you know, operates stores all throughout the area. They specialize in fried chicken but have other items on the menu. The featured chicken dinner is a breast, wing and leg plus 2 sides for $7.95. Marilyn and I like the wing. leg and thigh and so we substituted and found to our delight the price dropped to $6.95. We both had mini potato pancakes while I had apple sauce and she very good Cole slaw. The food came hot and and as ordered and the chicken was crisp and juicy. A satisfying dinner at a bargain price.
The next night we went, with a good friend, to "Boca" 3200 Madison Road, Cincinnati 45208, 513-542-2002. Our friend Richard Brown is the General Manager and he had spoken at my class on Tuesday, so it was payback time plus our friend had chosen this spot several days before. Richard has had a career in Cincinnati serving in top positions at several of the best and most famous establishments in our dinning scene. With his personal attention and touch we had an outstanding and fairly expensive evening. The Bombay is $10, just barely on the very high side of upscale restaurants here at "Boca" the first courses and entrees are in the range of their high end competitors. Marilyn had Flounder served on a bed of spinach and wiped potato's and prepared and seasoned perfectly. I chose an "off menu" item, of which I had heard, Linguine and caramelized Cauliflower, outstanding. I started with a "Boca" Cesar, which is Grilled Romaine, dressed, while warm, with a pungent Cesar dressing and presented with shaved Parmesan. The table shared a room temperature Creme Brule. The kitchen added a demitasse size portion of a cauliflower bisk, creamy but very light. We escaped at around $55 each, including tip. Marilyn, as you know, doesn't drink and that evening I passed on wine. Service and decor were both as expected.
Good spot when one wants to treat themselves or others.
We're off to New York City, in the morning, so the next report will include happenings in that part of the world.

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