Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New York City-Part 3

Shopping, that is probably the mantra for most teen age American girls. So it came as no surprise that our Granddaughter had told Marilyn that what she "really" wanted to do was see some of New York's' big stores. I became the pinch hitting, after all it was World Series time, "big store" guide.
We left the Apartment a little after 10 AM Thursday morning, Oct 29 and headed to Lexington Ave. After a stop at the shoe repair shop, where I deposited my 12 year old "gym" shoes in the waste can after hearing the repair price we walked on to Bloomingdale's at 60th and Lex. A sales person directed us to the 3rd floor, which had casual, but expensive slack, blouses and jackets we dropped down a level, both in altitude and price, and I found a chair, for the next hour, while Raina surveyed everything available. We ended with several items and were on our way by 12:30. Lunch time found us at the "Food Exchange" 120 East 59th St, NY 10021-212-759-0656. From a selection of approximately 20 sandwiches, 8 hot soups, many salads and shelves of drinks and sweets we chose an interesting Thai seafood bisk, tuna salad pita wrap, chips and green tea for a total cost of $13.50 or less than 1/3 the cost of the carry out the day before. We found a small table in the back and ate and planed our next move.
After lunch I thought Raina should see Bergdorf Goodman, a very top end retail establishment, and St. Patricks Cathedral before entering Saks Fifth Ave. at 50th and 5th Ave. A ride, on the escalator, to the fifth floor began our floor by floor decent. We departed an hour later with a very pretty green blouse and another shopping bag. Next on to Rockefeller Center to view the ice rink and, actually "30 Rock". The high point, for our Granddaughter, of the day may have been a visit to the NBC Shop where Raina choose a T shirt with one of her favorite says from the program of the same name. Last stop before returning to 75th an Madison was the New York Public Library at 42nd and 5th.
We had arrange to meet our cousin from Mamarinek at 5:45 for a pre theatre dinner. For it's location, and expertize in getting people to the shows on time, we chose "Scarlatto" 250 W. 47th St, between Broadway and 8th Ave, 212-730-4535. Marilyn and I had been to "Scarlatto" before had found the food quite satisfactory. They did not disappoint. I had the usual Bombay, a wonderful pear, arugula and Gorgonzola salad, with a pear obviously sliced with a mandolin, beautifully decorating the greens. My main course was a braised lamb shank on a bed of polenta.
We shared a Tartufo for desert and others had coffee or tea. I tasted some of the other items, Dover sole, Ravioli and a wonderful appetizer of spicy marinated baby artichokes. We were
on the street by 7 PM.
Our theatre was on 46th St and we headed there to try to exchange Marilyn's Mezzanine ticket for one on the first floor. The older NY theatres have neither elevators or escalators. The older gentleman in the ticket booth asked if I didn't want to sit wth my wife and I explained that there were four of us. He told me, firmly, to take the tickets he would exchange and low and behold we ended up in the "house seats", 9th row center. The show "In the Heights" had won the Tony for best musical in 2008. It is a young persons show and although I enjoyed it I found the music to loud for my taste and was not able to understand all the lyrics. Our Granddaughter, however, knew after the first act, that she had to have the CD. It was a lively and up beat evening.
Next morning I put Raina on the 10:03 to Boston to meet up with her family. I took the bus from Penn Station back to 75th and Madison and convinced Marilyn and our host to join me , across the street at "3 Guys Restaurant" 960 Madison Ave. NY NY 10021( between 75 and 76)
"3 Guys" is a typical upscale Greek dinner, there are several on the upper East side, with a large menu and upscale prices to pay the rent. A bowl of clam chowder, two spinach pies and a Grilled Cheese sandwich came to $46 with tip and tax.
I had wanted to see the Kandinsky retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum and Marilyn was willing to give it a try. She lasted about 45 minutes while I was there well over an hour. The exhibit is outstanding and I was "blown away" with his use of color and geometric designs. To me this is a must if you get a chance to be in New York while it is on display.
Marilyn had returned to the Apt. and so I spent the rest of the afternoon back at the Met, viewing the American painter exhibit, in depth, and some Frank Ross photos from the mid 1950's.
When I returned to our base Marilyn said she felt so bad that she wished to go home, to Cincinnati. I tried to get a flight that evening but had to settle for one Saturday afternoon. In the mean time a person has to eat and so we walked to "Girasole" 151 E 82nd St ( at Lexington Ave) NY 10028. It was a new adventure for us but had been highly recommended by our host. "Girasole" is a small, Italian, upscale, neighborhood place with singles to families occupying their approximately 20 tables. The staff is solicitous and served our every need. Since Marilyn was not at the "top of her game" we decided to split a grilled Veal Chop. I started with a beautiful Lump Crab, endive and tiny green bean salad, good sized, after the usual libation. The veal chop was served with a few lightly fried slice potato's and sliced carrots and baby green beans. Marilyn had her usual decaf and the restaurant provided a plate of almond Biscotti(sp) and two different cookies for each of us. We had developed a nice rapport with the manager and so he also sent a small glass, for each, of "lemon schella".
The trip home the next day was not easy, cancelled flight, delayed flight and slow luggage but at least we were home and in our own environs. NYC is still "GREAT", my Father thought that it was the only vacation in the world and possibly "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree".

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