Thursday, November 19, 2009


Our life is never "routine" but sometimes trips and special occasions disrupt the normal flow of events. Since returning from Chicago there has been very little special but a lot of our normal "routine"
Going back almost 10 days we had dinner at "Knotty Pine" about which I have written numerous times. I always say that I am going to try something new and almost always end up with the Etouffee and the Grouper. This time I had the grouper with Cajun Spices and I will return to the pan seared as the Cajun is to highly seasoned, in my opinion, for the mild Grouper. Incidentally I like spicy food, in it's place, and I like "Knotty Pine" and it's relaxed surroundings and good food.
On that Friday night we went we went to "Cumin", another favorite. Being an ancient, and with a couple who are in our same age category, we found the food and service excellent but the atmosphere too nosie for our taste and conversation. It's not "Cumin's" fault but I will stick to mid-week instead of the weekend. I had wonderful sweetbreads and an excellent lobster crape which was listed as lobster ravioli. I don't refer, any longer, to "Cumin" as Indian as it has so expanded it's menu that it has become world wide cuisine.
The next day lunch was at "Bronte Bistro"(Joseph Beth) at Rookwood Pavilion, Hyde Park. I chose the "Black and Bleu salad and only consumed about half. The rest was my main course at dinner that evening. The Black and Bleu is roasted, sliced chicken( not enough spice here) on greens, tomato's and a sprinkling of peppers all top with bleu cheese crumbles. Acceptable but not memorable. The vinaigrette on the other hand was quite good.
This past week, starting Sunday, and after "Hair" the forty year old (hippie) musical at CCM, we joined others at "The Pelican's Reef" on Beechmont Ave. As you may remember the reef is a "Key West" bar and restaurant. Marilyn has not been eating much and so they accommodated her with a grilled Walleye Sandwich, not on the menu, while I had prepared Oysters, several styles, and a large large house salad. The food is good and the atmosphere relaxed and very pleasant. Sunday night after 7:30 PM it is usually less than half full.
Monday lunch was at the "Oakley Pub and Grill" 3924 Isabella Ave. 45209 513-531-2500. The Pub is just what the name implies. I usually have an excellent grilled grouper sandwich, on rye, but that day my companion and I chose to split an order of "Buffalo Chicken Wings" , Monday's special and a large order of crispy slaw. Too much slaw for two but always fresh and containing cabbage, nuts and Ramin Noodles, great. That night, with another couple, we tried a partially opened "Pera" in Mt. Lookout Square. "Pera's" menu is a mixture of Turkish, Italian and American. The food was good and plentiful but I think they are just finding there way in the first few days of operation.
Just for the record I had Shepard's Salad and seafood Fettuccine, on which I changed the sauce from a heavy Alfredo to butter and olive oil, while Marilyn had Mushroom Ravioli, over half of which came home.
After lunch the next day at "Lemon Grass" 2666 Madison Rd 45208 513-321-2882, one of many Asian and Thai spots in Hyde Park, I had enjoyed the Pineapple fried rice with shrimp. A dish I like there because there is enough curry to be noticeable. we had planed to join someone for a late dinner, so I was surprised when I returned home and found dinner had been mover up an hour or more. Being brave I headed for "Tinks" on Telford Ave in Clifton where I tackled a bottle of Chardonnay split with our dinner companion plus Salmon Tartar, much more resembling Guacamole with some smoked salmon bits added, and a tempura shrimp "poor boy". The food was good and the company outstanding.
After several days of minimum 2500 Calories a day, and several pounds on the scale it was time for a light dinner at home last night, clearing out the refrigerator." Left overs for several meals mention above.
So this is "routine" and I don't know if I can keep up this pace.

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