Thursday, April 15, 2010


Today I had lunch with one of the people very much involved with 3CDC, the Cincinnati Development Corp. in their effort to correct years of neglect and decay in the "Over the Rhine" Area. We ate at "Senate" and took a walk up Vine St. and down Race St. to see the progress that is being made.
I have written about the "Senate" 1212 Vine St. 45202-phone 513-421-2020 several times and have had lunch there twice within the last 7 days. A week ago I had the Lobster BLT which to me was not a great combination as I found the cured bacon, they use, overpowering the lobster. Today, on my project to work my way thru their menu, I chose the Gazpacho which was very good and was beautifully garnished including small avocado slices, a fine compliment to the seasoned pureed tomato base. For my lunch filler I had the lobster Mac&Cheese and again was questioning, in my mind, whether the dish would be better with a stronger mixture of cheeses and a finesse of the small amount of Lobster. But I digress.
The main point in the the "Senate" is one of the bright new spots drawn to the "Gateway" district by the work of 3CDC and all of the private entrepreneurs who are moving into this vital part of the downtown extension. They deserve our patronage and our thanks.
The walk, after lunch was illuminating. From 12th St almost to Liberty, on Vine, 3CDC has bought, and with the help of many private contractors and laborers, are restoring building after building, often using the original architecture and color schemes going back more that 150 years. Among these are new shops, dwellings and a myriad of other services occupying the newly renovated space.
Moving over to Race St. you find the same system in place although the reconditioning and occupancy are several years behind the Vine St work. This summer 3CDC will move their offices from the Kroger Building, on Court St. to space at 14th and Race.

Very briefly I will touch on a few meals downed during the last couple of weeks.
"Mitchell's Fish Market" at "Newport on the Levee"-859-291-7454 served up their version of the Iceberg wedge, good but not as good as "Otto's" and a thick seafood Gumbo along with an order of Louisiana Oysters. The soup had a reasonable amount of seafood but the mixture lacked the New Orleans punch. The Oysters were quite small but tastee and well season and served with enough crusty white bread that the melted butter and slightly spicy seasoning did not escape this eater.
Also we returned to "Honey" on Hamilton Ave. in Northside. As I mentioned previously they were nice enough to stock the regular Bombay, which I prefer, and so I feel it is my obligation to help them with the dispensing. For my main course I had the 8oz burger served with the "Honey fries" and a very tastee dip. The fries came crispy, as I had requested but unfortunately the burger had past medium rare long before it made it's appearance. Marilyn had the mushroom ravioli which remains excellent.
Our trainer marvels that I don't weight 200 pounds, especially after the weekend reported, last, at the Murphin Ridge Inn, but it is only done by a week of with fish and salad to make up for "eating out". This is the week.

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