Thursday, April 1, 2010

Restaurant Week

You would think that we, who eat out an average of 3 times per week, would take the chance to try several restaurants during "Restaurant Week" at only $26.10. The truth is we went to none, for that purpose, and the only positive we received from the promotion was being able to split the special menu at the "View" Edge cliff Condos, 2200 Victory Parkway, after the Cincinnati Symphony performance Saturday night.
They were very accommodating and we and our companions both put together a fine "after Symphony" repast, from their special "restaurant week" menu. Not counting drinks and gratuity that averages about $13/head.
Marilyn and I chose to divide a Shrimp cake with a mild remoulade on a bib lettuce leaf, followed by a mixed green salad, lightly dressed, surrounding a cheese grits medallion. Our main item was a small rack of lamb, 3 ribs, basted in a mild brown curry sauce and served on mashed potato's and green beans. Most of the potato's we managed to finesse. It was good food, well served and very appropriate for the end of a pleasant evening. "View" seems to have their act together and it is a good "stopping off" place since the kitchen is open till at least 11 PM on Friday and Saturday.

Speaking of "good and accommodating" last night, with another couple we, again, went to "Maggiano's" in the Kenwood Mall. This large, chain, Italian makes a real effort to be accommodating both in customizing food and providing service.
Our server asked if this was the first visit and when we said "no" she said, with a sight, that then she didn't have to warn us of serving size, which is quite large. We usually split 1/2 orders and find that sufficient for 3 or 4 diners. After a chopped salad we followed with an order of deep fried Zucchini accompanied by a lemon aoli. The dish is terrible for you and absolutely delicious. The Zucchini strips are crisp, and "salted" with Parmesan cheese while the aoli is tart and smooth. A terrific combination.
Marilyn had veal while the others chose a shrimp dish and a pasta. Unfortunately we topped it all of by splitting a large apple crostada with a very large scoop of vanilla ice cream. This excellent. filling meal came to approximately $39 including my Bombay(Sappihire) and Marilyn's decaf. As I said our service was excellent and the Manager promised to have "regular"Bombay, my drink of choice, the next time; we'll see.

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