Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rocky Road

On the way home last night from dinner at "Honey" we stoped at the Baskin-Robbins store in Clifton. Only the "drive-thru" is open after 8 PM but we purchased a single scoop of "rocky road" ice cream, in a cup, to consume at red lights on the way home. This produce still remains my favorite dark chocolate treat. I am not sure of the recipe but it tastes as though besides the small marshmallow bits they also include some marshmallow syrup mixed with the dark chocolate ice cream and almonds. I think it's special.
We have been doing our part to stimulate the economy. Lunch today at the "Senate" 1212 Vine St. (513-421-2020) where three of us shared 4 dishes: Today's feature hot dog, a lamb sausage dressed with date chutney, caramelized onions and fried carrot slivers, a trailer park hot dog with onions, Wasahbi sauce and relish, a red curry eggplant sandwich, beautifully grilled and coated with seasoned crumbs and sauce and an order of ricotta+asparagus toast, 4 pieces of bruschetta toast pieces covered with ricotta creamed cheese and shaved asparagus, scallions and halved grape tomato's on a light Worcestershire sauce dressing. Obviously too much food but a delightful lunch with two pleasant companions.
Last night is was "Honey" in Northside. Unfortunately Shoshanna had taken the evening off, and although Andrew, who used to be at "Otto's" is more than competent the selection of features are limited when Shoshanna is not adding to the set menu and overseeing the kitchen. I had a honey glazed grilled salmon, extremely rare, at my request, on a bed of mid-eastern grain and shaved fresh vegetables. Marilyn had the brazed short ribs served on fresh spinach and mashed potato's and our guest had mahi-mahi on a risotto cake with again shaved vegetables. The food at "Honey" is always good to excellent and I continue to be amazed as to why the "Cincinnati Magazine" food reviewer passes over this spot year after year in her listing of either the city's 1o best or probably actually her 10 favorites.
If I list every meal that either I, or we, have eaten during the last couple of weeks you will be more tired than I, with my slow typing ability, of reading my calorie intake; which I would never admit to our trainer, who luckily doesn't own a computer or care to follow my misadventures. What I will do, to clear my pile of restaurant receipts is list the places and my eaten items, with possibly a comment or two if I feel like editorializing, which I usually do:
"Via Vite(lunch) 529 Vine St. on Fountain Sq. Excellent, spicy Cioppino and a beet and roasted asparagus salad;
"Primavista"(dinner) 810 Matson Place, Price Hill. House salad and Carbonara, a special order,made just at my request, and a mistake.
"Greyhound Tavern"(dinner) Dixie Hwy in Ft. Mitchel KY. Monday night special family style fried chicken dinner with Onions Rings, first, with our drinks. Nine people in our group, which they handle well. Always good but the price keeps rising, now $14.95 each just for the chicken dinner
"Wild Ginger"(dinner) 3655 Edwards Rd. Hyde Park. Kirin Ichiban(22 oz) very good beer and a "King of the Sea" Roll. To me their Sushi is the best, although I don't go to many high end Japanese restaurants. An aside most of my dinners start with Bombay Gin which I have not always listed.
"Sky Galley"(dinner) Lunken Airport. Fried chicken livers, don't tell the trainer if you know or use him. I love liver, and most innards.
"Bonefish Grill"(dinner) Edwards and Madison Rd, Hyde Park. A grilled salmon salad very good and for once a health choice.

Now I've cleared the deck, just like we did tonight to our refrigerator. It will be a few days but I'll start saving notes and reporting on any new finds, as they come along.

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