Tuesday, March 16, 2010


We have been eating out our normal 3 to 4 nights a week, mostly at places we frequent regularly. I'll list some on the next posting along with and special dishes.
In the mean time I want to report on "Hugo" 3235 Madison Rd. (Oakley) Cincinnati 513-321-4846. "Hugo" is currently ranked #8 in Cincinnati Magazine list of the "Best Restaurants" and I don't have a "beef" with it's being listed but I do with the reviewer who leaves out several excellent spots for "personal reasons" having nothing to do with food, ambiance, service, etc.

Sean Daly has been cooking and operating "Hugo's" for about three years and in my opinion it has gotten better and more interesting over that time. The dining area is well spaced and conversation, at normal levels, is easily maintained. The place Friday night was pleasantly full, even though the weather was a deterring factor, the bar area, when we left was jammed.
Our server was able to answer questions about various items and offered suggestion when asked. Service was good but not outstanding. No comment on the attractive "busier" who is the son of friends.

For my meal I chose the First Course special, Pork Belly, another First Course Item, Grits, and a salad. This turned out to be not only plenty of food but on the filling side considering the preparations.
The Pork Belly, came first after my Bombay( there you are Stan), and was beautifully roasted and served on a bed of chopped apples and raisins, heated, with a light raisin sauce. It was a wonderful rich dish although the cut, as always, is heavy on fat. Next the "southern Caesar salad" was served on a cool plate, as salad should be, and consisted of a nice size portion of a crisp romaine head with both bacon chips and croutons. The whole was sprinkled, liberally, with a spicy Caesar dressing, house made and colored a pleasant pink, excellent and interesting to my taste buds.
My last dish was the "stone ground grits' served in a warm deep bowl with an egg and very thin crisp shoestring potatoes on top. I could not get all the flavors in the grits but I am sure there was a liberal amount of cheese and either bacon, tasso ham or sausage embedded. Another very rich and satisfying dish.
Marilyn, showing better sense, ordering a half of a small beautifully grilled chicken served with a savory bread pudding, baked and firm, which I tasted and enjoyed. The meal came to approximately $68 before gratuity which seems appropriate considering the time of preparation and the quality of the food.

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