Monday, March 1, 2010

Anything Goes

I'm not referring to the 1934 Cole Porter musical which we saw produced at UC Friday night but rather to the meals all last week that proceeded and followed.
Only one place was new, "Jan's Chinese", but all the food intake was excellent.
Wednesday night was "Primavista" 810 Matson Pl.,Price Hill 513-251-6467. After my usual, I had Scampi Rigano, which I understand has been on the menu ever since the restaurant opened more than 20 years ago. I know why. It is an excellent compilation of grilled scampi, angle hair pasta, in a rich white wine and butter sauce, with sauteed mushrooms and onions added. The plate usually contains a nice sized portion of green beans, which add color and crunch. Marilyn choose Veal Scallopine Picatta, her usual, to which they added mushrooms, at her request. The view from "Primavista", on a clear night, is unequalled and the food, at least on the "West side" is the same.
Friday was a wonderful mixture, with the only constant, high caloric content. Testing Guy Burgesses skills, at the "Oriental Wok" Hyde Park 513-871-6888 I ask him to whip up, literally, some Oyster Stew with the fresh Oysters he received the day before. Rich, creamy, smooth with a hint of Cayenne and of course the mollusk floating in the midst of it all. Delightful. That's two weeks in a row I have disturbed the Asian calm of the "Orient Wok".(refer back one week if interested)
Friday night before theatre we were joined by a friend at "Honey" 4034 Hamilton Ave, Northside 513-541-4300 for what can only be described as a delightful "gorge fest". I entered to regular Bombay sitting on the bar, some greeting. For dinner we shared a first course of roasted pork belly, superbly done and lying on a bed of corn and apple Salas. Next, again shared, was a crisp Cesar salad with a spicy anchovy dressing. My main course was rack of lamb, six chops, medium rare, paired with a mushroom risotto cake and braised Brussels sprouts. Shashonnah Hafner should be enshrined somewhere for her inventive mixtures of colors, flavors and textures, one better than the next. If "Honey" is not the most interesting and possibly best restaurant in Cincinnati I personally, don't know what is. Oh yes Marilyn had a beautiful filet with a cheesy potato pancake and also Brussels Sprouts.
Sunday at 11 AM we met our companion of Friday night and his wife at "Jan's Chinese" 10000 Montgomery Rd. Montgomery, OH 45242 513-891-3100, a new experience for us. On both Saturday and Sunday "Jan's" serves an authentic Dim Sum brunch. Even with my foodie(poetic) licence, which I use freely in these postings, I am unsure of my memory for all the dishes we enjoyed. I know there were at least 4 shrimp dishes, 2 steamed dumplings, one with scallops and the other with asparagus, and two fried, one a ball and the other pancake shaped( flattened). An order of octopus, one of tofu and vegetable mini egg rolls, eggplant, steamed seafood buns, stuffed peppers with pork and cheese, pineapple buns and several other dishes, one more interesting than the other had us rolling from the place a little after 12:30. As I mentioned this is a new find and a must. I couldn't believe the bill, under $20 for the two of us. Don't brake the speed limit but go. You may find that you are the only Caucasians but that should be considered a good sign. You will find it family friendly.

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