Thursday, March 18, 2010

More on the Senate

Since my first visit I have been back to "The Senate" twice, once for dinner, before theatre, and again, today, to "carry out" for lunch with a "shut in' friend. Access will probably improve as the city finishes tearing up Vice St and blocking the sidewalk up to just before the restaurant from the south.
As you may recall the "Senate" is located in the Gateway district, on Vine St, just north of 12th. It's owners, Daniel and Lana Wright came back to Cincinnati from Chicago to open this most interesting "watering hole" and serve "gourmet street food". They have done that and more.
For dinner, last week, I chose the "special" which that evening consisted of grilled Scallops served on a bed of Cauliflower puree and accompanied with sauteed Brussels Sprouts flavored by the addition of Bacon and onion. The whole dish made a wonderful light meal and would have keep me in "fighting trim" had I stoped there. Unfortunately the Chocolate and Bourbon Bread pudding was just too hard to resist and by the time the three of us had demolished a Hugh piece there was no way the scale would weight what I wished.
David introduced me to St.Ambroise Apricot wheat ale from Canada. This golden brew went perfectly with the dinner as it would, I am sure, with most items on the menu.
I don't report on food not eaten or tasted but I should mention, since we were seated nearby, that the kitchen was producing several items about which we asked. An especially attractive plate was the "housemade ricotta+asparagus toast"and another the "red curry eggplant sandwich"

Today, I returned at noon to pick up two specialty Hot Dogs. I described the "dogs" in the last posting, when I had the "Korean", but today the choices were the "Chicago" made with all the proper trimmings, including the very bright green relish and today Feature, a grilled Bratwurst with sauerkraut, carmelized onions, bacon and a German mustard. Bacon must be one of Daniel's loves, besides Lana. As I mentioned the last time the "dogs are grilled, something I like, the buns are soft and even though the hot dogs are not cheap( $8 to $10/each) they are filling and delightful.
Fight the construction and venture to "The Senate". I believe you'll be rewarded

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