Saturday, May 8, 2010

Finley Market

I have not gone to Finley Market, lately, expressly to eat lunch, so when a friend suggested we try it I bought in without hesitation. Yesterday the two of us took off around 11:30A.M. and devoted a couple of hours to exploring and sampling. We perused all the stalls inside the "market building" and the shops on both the south and north side that are adjacent to the main building.
A good deal of time was spent talking to the owner of the new wine store(north side), a past employee of the "Party Source", and even more with Stefan Skirtz the proprietor along with Andrew Johnston of "Skirtz & Johnston a new bakery and pastry shop at 113 West Elder St( market south side) 513-381-1286. Stefan gave us a full tour and samples of breads and pastries. They were all delicious. The shop opened officially this morning.
Back inside we debated as to what to call lunch, which we needed less after Stefan's generosity.
Among the options were, an array of sandwiches, made to order, a pasta or two, Gyro's, salads, meatloaf, Belgium Waffles, crepes, Gelato and various sweets. We settled on splitting a Gyro, large "village"(Greek) salad and a drink. Total cost $11, a good value with good food.
Last evening Marilyn and I took a 95 year old friend to "Bonefish Grill", Edwards and Madison Road. We had made an early reservation and arrived while it was "happy hour" a fact that made the Bombay half price. A nice reward for battling Friday night at a fish restaurant.
Our server was pleasant and competent. After drinks, he has white wine, also half price, we ordered dinner.
Our salads came within a normal period but we had hardly started on them when the main courses appeared. Marilyn and our friend had ordered shrimp pad thai, which came, steaming, directly from the stove but I had chosen planked Artic Char, which I like, as salmon, medium rare. This presented a problem as I knew if I sent it back it would be too well done and if I kept it it would a best be luke warm. I chose to keep the plate. Sure enough, when I finish my salad, and took a bite of the fish my worst fear was confirmed, it was cool The fish was done exactly as I ordered but after one or two bites I yielded and sent it back to be "zapped". It did come back acceptably warm and not over done.
The nice new manager, Rene, stoped by our table and asked how thing were. As you would expect I gave him my personal tail of woe. We commiserated while he told us his life's story, restaurant related, and we told him our history at "Bonefish". The outcome was that he insisted that we try the new dessert, Strawberry Short cake, "on him". He had our server bring two portions of excellent short cake and strawberry's with enough wiped cream to over satisfy the whole dairy industry.
Rene, as any good food service manager will, turned a pit fall into a pleasant experience. They say the "proof is in the pudding", (or short cake) so we'll have to see, on our next visit, if their timing has improved.
I still encourage all to tell a food establishment what is good and not so good about their produce and service.

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