Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sandwiches, Burgers and Fries

Today, at lunch, and employee of the David J Joseph and I went to "Wicked-wich" 425 Sycamore St. Cincinnati, OH 45202, 513-421-wich (9424) a new sandwich shop around the corner from "Skyline Chili" at 4th and Sycamore. The "wich" opened within the last 30 days and owes it's Geniuses to Elliot Jablonski of Cincinnati restaurant fame.
Unfortunately my eyesight is not 100% and the black menu boards were hard for me to read. I do know that they serve a variety of meats, corned beef, turkey, roast beef, ham, etc. and cheeses on 4 or 5 breads along with several soups and one or two prepared salads. All sandwiches are made to order along the serving line with choices of garnish and condiments. I chose a ham and Swiss on rye while my companion had a southern chicken salad, on a hard bun, and chicken-rice soup. Each item, the soup and sandwich were classed as one(combo), were $5.95. All the normal drinks are available.
I found the bread, salt rye, very fresh and the apple smoked ham very good. I believe all meats are prepared and roasted on premises. The Swiss cheese was one very thin slice, which I later learned was an error as I was supposed to receive several slices, aggregating to a full oz of cheese. All sandwiches came with a "side" and I chose egg salad which was excellent. The egg whites are sliced, not mashed, and the yellows are mixed with a light dressing plus small bits of red onion, celery and green pepper, to me it was a treat.

Last night Marilyn and I took a couple to "Terry's Turf Club" 4618 Eastern Ave Cincinnati, OH 45226 513-533-4222. The outing was to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary and Terry's was their choice. On each visit Terry Carter, the proprietor, seems to have found and hung another neon sign. In my opinion the Hamburgers and fries are the best in Cincinnati. Terry's will be featured on the Food Channel on Guy Ferrie's(sp), "Dinners, Drive Inn's and Dives" as well it should be. After our first or second visit, shortly after they opened, several years ago; and before the word spread, we have learned that if you don't want to wait, an indeterminate amount of time, for a table one must be there before 5:30 or after 9 PM. Last night we hit the earlier hour.
A new menu item, and they keep changing, was a topping of English white Cheddar Cheese and caramelized onion. I had to try and am glad I did. The burgers are sizable and after shelled peanuts, which are on all tables, and wonderfully cooked, to order fries, I like mine extra crisp and Terry's compiles, there has never been room for their dessert, which the last time I looked was Geloto. I drink draft beer but full bar service is available.

A different experience, all together, is "Five Guys Burgers and Fries" which a few weeks ago opened a branch in the Rookwood Pavillion at 2743 Edmonson Rd. Norwood, OH 45209 513-351-5274. This is store #1056 of a national chain. Their basic menu is, as the title says, burgers and fries, although they do have hot dogs and possibly one other sandwich item. Ordering is done in line, at the counter, versus Terry's where everything is table service, and the order is passed electronically to the cooks and sandwich makers.
There were 5 of us, three adults and 7 year old twins, and all, except me, had single burgers with their choices of toppings and sauces. I tried the double and found that less than Terry's single, although the price is also several dollars less. One should not compare the two operation.
We also ordered one large order of fries which more than adequately served us all. Free peanuts, in the shell, are available as well as a full array of drinks. Toppings are all "included" and there are choices covering all the standards. The entire order is packed in a brown paper bag with each burger separately wrapped and numbered corresponding with the order give by each participant at the counter. A good system. We met at 6 PM and the place was busy, mostly families, during the time we were there, which was under an hour. Total price for the 5 of us was $33.34.

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