Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lot's of Travel

June is going to be a heavy travel month for us. I am not going to go into our activities but any restaurant reports will be from various locations. If I send food reports or restaurant comments from other that the Cincinnati area I will try to label each posting with the name and location, so if it is of no interest you can just by-pass that entry.
Our travels will take us to Los Angelo's, which trip is just concluded, to Nashville, TN; Ashville, N.C.; Minneapolis,MN and Lake Nebagamon, WI, with possibly a few side trips.

LA was a big and wonderful family weekend, celebrating our youngest Grandchild's Bar Mitzvah, with almost all the meals at either a private club or at our Daughter-In-Law's home, all marvelous experiences. We did meet old Cincinnati friends, who have moved to Southern California, for a lunch at "Marmalade" one of several, of this up scale, expanded, "coffee shop" type operations though out the LA area. This one is located at 14910 Venture Blvd. Sherman Oaks. The food was very good and the portions more than generous.
For lunch I had a "cup", which turned out to be a small bowl, of thick, hot split pea soup, seasoned perfectly. This was followed by a half portion of Roasted Beet Salad served in a bowl in the manner of many Cobb Salads. Over crisp greens were arranged cubed Golden beets, chopped fresh tomatoes, blue cheese crumble and fresh bacon bits. All was dressed with an excellent light citrus vinaigrette. Marilyn had an equally delicious "cup" of Mushroom soup plus a half order of their Ginger Chicken Salad. Of the four only I, the real glutton, finish everything.

Passing thru Cincinnati, for two days, we met our Priest friend for dinner at the "Oriental Wok". A regular spot for us and for him, service and hospitality remain outstanding. They currently are serving fresh soft shelled crabs, one of my favorites. Last night they were done to perfection, deep fried, but not greasy, and nestled in a bed of chopped green and red bell peppers and sweet onions all marinated in a very light slightly spiced dressing. Each item complimenting each other.
The three of us started the meal splitting a pan seared Chinese Egg Foo Yong, loaded with crisp bean sprouts and including a touch of water chest nuts plus strips of grilled beef.
Marilyn had Chicken Chow Mien and our friend had Pad Thai. I'm afraid I am two adventurous for those well prepared, but standard items. We all must pay some price.

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