Sunday, June 27, 2010

Camp visit, before and after

We have finished the last of our four weekend trips in June. Before we left for a weekend in the "North Woods" one of our California families, the Hirschhorn's of LA, came here for a couple of days. Adam, our 13 year old Grandson repeated his Bar Mitzvah ceremony for Joanne, our daughter, who had not been able to make the trip to California. It was a wonderful thing to do and a wonderful family event. Ken Kanter, a Rabbi and friend, from HUC, officiated and was outstanding, as of course, was Adam.
We had some meals at Cincinnati favorites, Greyhound Tavern, Walt's Hitching Post and the Oriental Wok, with some or all of the visitors during that time. All restaurants have been written about numerous times.
Marilyn and I left Saturday morning, June 19, having seen 3 Hirschhorns off to Chicago and one off to Camp Nebagamon, for our flight to Minneapolis and the drive to Camp Nebagamon, Lake Nebagamon, WI. Our summer retreat for many years. The reason for this early trip was that our eldest Grandson, Jason Hirschhorn, had written and was producing the first Sunday night Council Fire of the 2010 season. He had asked us to come, and as I have said numerous times, "a request from a Grandchild is one step above a command from God".
Saturday night we were guests at the home of the former, long term owners, and Directors of the camp and had a very pleasant evening with drinks, grilled steaks and conversation. Camp served us in the next two days quintessential camp meals, Grilled cheese and tomato soup, pizza, cold scrambled eggs, good coffee cake, delicious meat ball hougies etc. The Council Fire was on the subject of "risk taking", perfect for kicking off a new season. In my very prejudiced view it was OUTSTANDING.

Monday afternoon we took our leave and drove to Duluth for dinner with a friend. "Midi Restaurant", 600 E.Superior St, Duluth, MI was a new experience for us. It is located in the Fitzger Hotel complex and surprisingly, to me, was full on a Monday night. It could be that a couple of other Duluth regular spots are currently closed for renovation. Anyway, we all had the Walleye dinner, pan sauteed, including grilled asparagus and another item, I chose fresh spinach with golden raisins, a nice combination.
I'm sure a large part is mental, but Walleye, in Duluth taste better than elsewhere, although it is probably the same frozen product that you get in any first class restaurant from NY to CA.
After dinner, at the suggestion of a camp staff member we drove and spent the night at the "Grand Casino Hotel" in Hinkley MN. A high rise hotel attached to an Ojibwa operated casino. We were pleasantly surprised by our large, clean, quiet room for $75. Next morning we stoped for a Carmel roll, a unanimous recommendation at "Tobies" also in Hinkley. Hinkley has 1000 inhabitants so if you ever get there you wont miss either spot.

Home Tuesday night and a busy schedule of "eating out" since then. "Cafe Mediterranean" 7454 Beechmont Ave 513-232-2400, which in my opinion is the best Turkish food in the area. The table split salad( Shepard) and dessert while I had stuffed baked eggplant and Marilyn an excellent Donar Kebab. They have full bar service and is handicapped accessible. Another night at "Mecklenburg Gardens' 302 East University Ave 513-221-5353. A new chef has slightly upgraded their standard items which 4 of us enjoyed "under the grape vines" on a pleasant Cincinnati summer evening. Dark German beer followed by Romaine Salad and the chefs special, shrimp and beer sausage sauteed with mushrooms, onions and green peppers fit perfectly with a slightly warm dark rye bread. Marilyn stuck with the Wiener Schnitzel and although she was able to finish the veal she needed help on the red cabbage and spatzles, which have both improved with the new chef. I suggested driving thru Baskin-Robbins to share a scoop of "rocky road" which after complaints, we did- I got two bits left by the negative chours.
This morning was Dim Sum at "Jen's or Casual Wok and Grill" 10012 Montgomery Rd. Cincinnati, OH 513-891-3100. Wonderful, never ending, array of steamed, stuffed dumplings and many other delectable items at a ridiculously low price, under $10 each, and served in a restaurant heavily occupied by Asian families. What more could one want to start a summer, or any, Sunday.

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