Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pretty Routine

A week without any major trips or major events, and it was pleasant getting caught up and having a few home cooked, or scavenged meals. Scavenged is when you either have brought home "let-overs" from the restaurant, the night before, or put together items from the freezer and "fridge", not bad eating usually.
We did do a few things to keep the Cincinnati food establishment operating.
Last Monday we planned to meet another couple for lunch at the new incarnation of the "dinner" on Sycamore, whatever name they will chose. When we arrived we discovered that we were about 3 weeks early. We went several block towards downtown to "It's Just Crepes" on Court St, near the Kroger Building. This is the second time I have been there and have been pleased with the lunch on both occasions. The crepes are good sized and folded. If you "eat-in" they are presented in a paper cone and the "carry-outs" are boxed with utensils. I has the "special of the day", a Cuban, which had ham, turkey, Swiss cheese, sliced dill pickles and a mild Cuban mustard sauce. Everything grilled, in the folded crepe, so as to from a pleasant mixture of flavors.
Tuesday night, with our cousins, we tried "Terry's Turf Club" around 8 PM, after drinks here, but when we were told there was a one hour, or more, wait we sauntered down the street to "Bella Luna" 4632 Eastern Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45226 513-871-5862. We were not the only ones to follow that course of action as the place was quite full. We all chose to "make our own combination" choosing the type pasta, the sauce and a meat or seafood if desired. All 4 of us stuck with basics, for $13.99 each including a salad. Marilyn had Cappellini( angle hair) with Bolognese while I chose Cappellini with a light, oil based, Carbonnara. The sauce was much to my liking and a great improvement to some who present the Carbonnara with enough cream to turn the whole dish to paste. A box of left overs, from the 3 others, formed one scavenged meal.
Lunch Wednesday, with a friend, was on the patio( we had a beautiful day) of "El Jinete" 3972 Red Bank 513-271-4080. "El Jinete" has a very full menu of standard Mexican platters and single dishes as you would expect in any chain emporium of it's nature. The food is decent, temperature hot from the kitchen, the service prompt and the prices reasonably. We split a Hugh Burrito stuffed with chicken, beef, sausage, shrimp, onions, mashed beans and covered with a creamy cheese sauce and grilled pineapple slices. Enough for three, or more, to share. We also have a beef tamale which was mostly corn meal and very little beef or seasoning. Luckily I had a coupon and the lunch only cost about $5 each, including drinks.
Last night the family, five of us, went to "Otto's" in Covington. I shocked the table by ordering "Steak Frites". I had had salmon the night before and both red snapper and shrimp during the week so in honor of the 3rd of July I went with an American( French) meal. Saturday out is always a gamble and the food was excellent but the kitchen was slammed so service was slow. I was also surprised by the new "price points" on the wine list and want to talk to the owners about how that is working out.
The other good news to report is that the farmers markets, both at Lunken and Hyde Park, where we have been this week, are functioning and so we have had summer squash, sweet corn, field ripened tomatoes and okra, some singly and some in combination. Summer eating is great.

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