Sunday, September 12, 2010


After 3 or 4 nights eating at home we decided to venture out to Hyde Park Square and try the current occupant of the space in the square which seem to turn over regularly.
"Poco a Poco" (which translates to "little by little"), 2724 Erie Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45208 (513) 321-7626 now occupies the space formerly operated by "Red". I have heard that one of the owners also owns the real estate and that is one of the reasons behind the switch.
The menu has a number of small offerings meant to taste and share. Our server, John, was new to the restaurant business but was very patient and knowledgeable and therefore was able to guide us in making decisions. "Poco a Poco" turned out to be a good choice as neither of us wanted to eat heavily. Marilyn had more trouble with the menu than I but then she is more restrictive of her choices than am I.
After my Bombay, yes, they have a full bar, which I would class as no more than a medium pour($9) I followed with a fine Ceviche consisting of firm, sweet shrimp, sliced calamari and some small pieces of white fish, well marinated and served in an "old fashion" glass; and an order of Chili Rellanos, pablano pepper stuff with the shredded pepper insides, chess and a few bread crumbs, then deep fried, but not heavily or greasy, on a light bed of lightly spiced tomato sauce.
The pepper was only medium sized and would not have given more that a couple of bites if shared by more than one other person.
Marilyn chose fish tacos(2) rather small and slightly spicy. The fish was firm and the other fillings standard. Upon request, John brought a basket of chips which being warm and very crisp tuned out to be a good addition( no charge). The bill before tip came to slightly under $44.

A couple of other spots since last posting where the "Oakley Pub and Grill", for lunch with a friend. She had the grilled Grouper Fillet, which I think they do very well, and I tried the Chef's Special Hamburger, based on the article in "Cincinnati Magazine" about the best hamburgers in Cincinnati. This offering had A1 sauce, pepper jack cheese, deep fried onion rings and some mayo. Luckily I removed the bottom of the bun with the mayo and probably limited my intake to less than 1000 calories. The burger was fine but I'll return to the grouper.

Last night we returned to "Prima Vista" for the second time in 8 days and although I like the owners very much and the food is always as advertised this rapid of a return is not recommended. The menu changes very little and even the "specials" are often repeated. Last night was highlighted by the excellent bread pudding with rum soaked rasins and Carmel sauce with which we ended the meal. If I go soon again I may just stick to the house salad, adding Gorgonzola and fried Calamari and have the bread pudding all to myself.

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