Friday, September 17, 2010

Rib's N Things

This mornings newspaper said that among the most distrusted things are Blogs. It made me feel that once again I should reiterate my philosophy of what I post.
I try just to report on places I go and things that I personal eat and what I feel about each establishment. I don't hold myself out to be a restaurant reviewer, a chef or a professional in the service field in any way. I appreciate comment, of which I receive very few in writing, and several verbally and I am well aware the my tastes are not in any way universal. I am not a trained writer and never learned either to type or spell. So to sum it up, "What you see is what you get" That said her is my latest post.

Every since "Walt's Hitching Post", in Northern KY closed I have set out to try different preparations of Bar-B-Q Ribs. The closest to "Walts", or possibly even better, are at the "Ravinia Grill" in Highland Park IL a long drive from out base in Cincinnati.
Last night, upon notification of the chef, we went to the "Oriental Wok" at the Regency(513-871-6888) to have the Chinese Ribs, which he has prepared and is serving this week, as part of his "Restaurant Week" special $26.10 dinner. We, 3 of us, were on our way to theatre and so only had drinks and several appetizers( pot stickers, egg rolls, etc). The ribs were meaty, not at all fatty, done perfectly(firm on the bone) and covered with a sweet heavy Chinese Bar-B-Q Sauce. We ate with our fingers and were pleased to be served steaming towels and lemon slices to clean our hands and mouths as we finished. They will be on the menu this week and I'm not sure when he will repeat.

For the first time in several years I went, yesterday, to the "Dilly Cafe and Wines" 6818 Wooster Pike, Mariemont, OH 45227 (513)-561-5233. I meet a young man for lunch and found the food and service good and the atmosphere conducive to conversation. There is both inside and outside seating and an almost full house at 12:30 PM. An extensive menu guarantees that I will return again. For lunch I had excellent Gazpacho, while he chose tomato basil soup. The Gazpacho was nicely seasoned, although I add a little extra Tabasco, and had nicely chopped tomato's, green and red peppers, onions and celery in a "not to thick not to thin" tomato base.
We both followed the serves suggestion and had the grilled Salmon Burger, very tasty, served on toasted facahio with a slight covering of dill aoli. I removed the top piece although my guest ate the whole thing as a sandwich. This was accompanied by nicely done sweet potato fries($11). Pleasant lunch and mission accomplished.

Also this week we had dinner with our young friend and her 7 year old twins in the garden at "Arthur's" on Edward Road in Hyde Park. Dinner with this group is always a fun evening( we are extra grandparents to another family). Monday night was "Burger Madness( $7) which gave us all a choice of as many topping, up to 12, as we wanted at no extra cost. On my burger( medium, next time it will be medium-rare) I added blue cheese, sauteed onions and mushrooms, banana peppers and topped it all off with A-1 sauce. Messy but good. This and a Mt Carmel Amber covered dinner and held me till we got around the corner to "Graeter's" and several tastes of jelly roll and Marilyn's toffee chip cone.

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