Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bombay Brazier

Following the advice of Marilyn Harris four of us last night made our way to "Bombay Brazier" 7791 Cooper Rd. Cincinnati( Montgomery) OH 45242 (513) 791-0000. When I say "made our way" it is because this somewhat unique Indian restaurant occupies the "graveyard" of other places, for whom the location has been the death knell. I only hope this does not repeat. The location is off of Cooper Road, to the west of Montgomery Road, and behind "Gattle's", the upscale linen emporium.
It takes some effort to find the restaurant and the entrance but I am hopeful that enough people do, as they will be richly rewarded.

"Bombay Brazier" now occupies the space formerly serving as "Jimmy D's", a suburban steak house. It is run by Rip Sidhu and his wife and is attractive to the eye and to the taste. It is a "cut" above the usual Indian restaurant both in decor and food. The large space contains a bar, large dining area( actually two rooms) and a fire place, inviting on any cold night.
One is first struck by the rich colors and the attractive, but serviceable, china included in the well set tables.

After drinks, and they have a full selection of liquor, wine and beer, we allowed Rip's wife to suggest a first course.
She brought us a platter of diced chicken breasts which had been marinated, then baked with mixed diced peppers, onions and tomato's in a slightly sweet sauce. Moist and crunchy at the same time. A wonderful starter and a compliment to our before dinner drinks and the wine and beer that followed.
In no way do I feel even remotely able to try to decipher the cooking techniques nor spices or other ingredients use in preparing this special food. There are cooking classes offer by the chef for those who want to learn( healthy eating). At the moment I remain only a reporter.
We then shared 3 different items which showed the chef's(Rip) skill in different food media. Cubes of lamb mixed with slices of Okra and some onions and herbs made a hearty meat entree. Large, perfectly cooked, shrimp floating in a coconut milk bath again spiced, but not in anyway to detract from the seafood, left a sense of sweetness and the sea as well.
Lastly the creamed spinach, to which had been added sizable mushroom pieces, at our request, was not only smooth but blended perfectly to provide a compliment to the heavier meat and light seafood.
Two different Nans( oven baked flat breads), both crisp and flavorful gave us useful pushers and moppers for the mixture of flavors adorning our dinner plates.
We took home a very small amount of Okra and Spinach but should have "carried out" more and not had to waddle to our car.

The owner and his wife are not only hospitable but generous, as well, and we all hope that this first class dining spot will draw the kind of following it deserves. Turn on your GPS or call and get exact instructions to treat yourself to a fine dining experience.

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