Saturday, December 18, 2010

Number 275

According to the web-site this is posting #275 in something over 4 years. That's a fair amount of commenting on meals we have eaten out. When I go for a period without posting I do get comments so it seems some of the readers pay attention to my ramblings.

I thought of titling this this entry "Outstanding" as I am about to comment on the meal 4 of us enjoyed at "La Poste" 3410 Telford St. Cincinnati( Clifton) OH 45220 (513) 281-3663, last evening. In my opinion "La Poste" has improved with each visit. Food, service and ambiance all combined to make the evening memorable and this a go to spot.

I usually only report on what I actually eat but since we split several dishes, and everyone tasted some of everything served I plan to give each item, brought to the table, a mention.
Contradicting myself, I was the only one with the "Bombay", which was not shared. Three of us did share a "Wellington" Syrah which had enough body to go with all the food.

We started with a bowl of mussels, plump, cooked perfectly and well bathed in a white wine and butter sauce. Along with that we had an order of their delightful Ricotta Fritters, which are actually sweet enough that they could be served for dessert and hold their own with a dessert wine.
My main course was made up of two different salads; the Lemon Ceaser, which I have had before and which has a very nice tang to compliment the romaine, chopped pimento and sweet pepper strips, and a Nicoise beautifully arranged on a plate with slightly seared tuna and a salmon deviled egg topped with red caviar topping the bed which consists of strips of thinly sliced cucumber enclosing asparagus( french cut), cherry tomatoes and a few pieces of greens. Both salads were crisp, tasty and somewhat complimentary.
Marilyn had their justly famous Mushroom Ravioli, light, flavorful and not overwhelming in taste or portion. Our young women friend had the same. The other man, who prides himself on "eating clean", ( although he did share all items served) had a season salad, greens, pomegranate, nuts and cherry tomato's. His main course was a large perfectly grilled piece of salmon served on what to me appeared to be medium sized grain.
With coffee( not for me) we all shared and order of cherry bread pudding, a true delight and a perfect ending.
To me the evening could not have been better and I certainly put "La Poste" near the top of my "eating out" list.

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