Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So where have we been for 10 days

The past 10 days have not been any kind of eating frenzy or even greatly memorable compared to the last posting. No tasting menus, reminiscences, of things past, or even new groups or societies making an appearance. Mostly we have been eating at home, preparing one special dinner for guests( my brazed short ribs and root vegetables), or going out on one or two occasions where food was included, but not the main attraction. Three pubic places are as follows:

"Maggiano's Little Italy" Kenwood Towne Center,( good standard, chain Italian, as the name implies) which has been covered several times previously. Besides splitting a salad and three main courses, with another couple, I enjoyed the super rich crab Cannelloni the most, of the entrees, the high point was our servers trek next door to "The Cheesecake Factory" to get cocktail onions to go in my Bombay. That was real hospitality and a true understanding of customer service( and also working for tips).

A night at the "Oriental Wok" in Hyde Park where our friend Guy Burgess, the chef, had managed to get one of five kegs of an excellent English beer, "Fuller's London Pale" which he invited us to enjoy, the night he had the tapping. The beer was amber, smooth, very tasty and had littler carbonation so it went down a little too easy. Egg rolls and entrees made us the four of us feel less like "pub crawlers" and more like the diners we were supposed to be.

A return visit to "Jean Robert's Table" 713 Vine St. for a diner off the menu or announced "specials" turned out to be pleasant, indeed. The restaurants bar prices, for good sized pours, are very much in line, or slightly under other comparable establishments, and food can be had at all price points. I had a delicious shrimp salad, large shrimp cut in half lengthwise and moulded with crisp vegetables into a form producing an over sized "hockey puck" of flavor and pleasing, crunchy consistency.
I followed with the "French Castle Burger", a full plate containing a very good sized burger, medium rare, on a brioche bun( toasted) and covered with a "house" slaw, sauce and slices of fresh tomato. This is paired with very good, fresh fries which came as I requested "extra crispy" ( price $13). Reasonable for the quality and amount. Marilyn had the Boston Sole, special, as described in my last entree. I believe that John Robert has used the tasting menu for a template is getting the kitchen to prepare a number of the specials he is serving currently.

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