Sunday, March 20, 2011

We're about to shove off

This is almost assuredly the final posting before we take a 3 week cruise and land extension which departs Ft. Lauderdale on Wednesday and ends in Barcelona where we will remain until returning the week of April 11.

This past week, eating out, was at several regulars and one place, "Eddie Merlot's" that this marked our return visit
I have always wanted to try the grilled Salmon at "The Precinct" Delta and Columbia Parkway, 513-321-5454, so Tuesday night I summoned up the courage to break the steak.
After the "Bombay" and Greek Salad I was served a beautifully grilled, large piece, of Salmon which had been rubbed with Olive Oil and sprinked with lemon juice, as it was prepared. It was done perfectly and was indeed delicious. The accompaniment, on the plate, was a watercrest salad( bright green) marrinated lightly in olive oil and either lemon or a light vinegar. Also accompaning was the usual excellent baked potato with all the butter and sour cream ones diet will allow. Marilyn had the strip Serloin, again done perfectly, half of which came home, as dis some of the baked potatos.We are always treated wonderfully by the wait staff and therefore it is hard to stay away although many meals, there, for me, means many extra pounds.
The next night before the Ensamble Theater we ate up the block at "The Senate" 1212 Vine St 513-421-2020. I tried to have the most healthy thing on the menu, so ended up with "My Wifes Salad", Arugila( Cincinnati has become Arugila crazy) cherry tomatos, avacado and cheese curds with a pleasent but powerful Balsamic vinegrett. I followed with an order of their muscels, which are really outstanding. The sauce is a mixture of white wine, butter, clam juice and many herbs. Marilyn had an interesting dish, Poutine. A bed of French fries and melted cheese curds was covered with a beef short rib ragout seasoned beautifully and delicious, I nibbled.
A lunch at the "Oriental Wok" Regency was my attempt to rest my arterys. I asked, and they complied, that the just steam a dish of scallops, bean sprouts and scallions. I did mix a little of the hot mustard and "duck sauce" to dip the scallops as I cut them into bite sized pieces. Behaving has it pluses and minuses.

Last night we returned to "Eddie Merlot's' 10808 Montgomery Road, just of the I 275 Montgomery exit, 513-489-1212. The restaurant seats approximatly 340 and it was 90% or more filled on Saturday night. They handle the crowd well and the service, although our waiter was away several times, for extended periods, was on the whole quite satisfactory. Marilyn had the 3 course Prix Fixe Menu which for $31.95 is not out of line. Her Walleye was especially good.
I put together 3 dishes, which proved to be to much. New England clam chowder, came in a large bowl and that plus my Romaine Waldorf salad would have been sufficent. I add to these a spicy tuna roll which either becasue I had eated quite a bit, before I got to it or because it was nothing special was not overly tempting. (Wild Ginger and Dancing Wassabi don't have to worry).
The clam chowder was slightly on the thin side but it did contain a fair amount of chopped clams and diced potatos. The salad, a romain heart, sliced granny Smith apples, spiced pecans and blue cheese crumbles was, to me the best of the three dishes. The "Bombay" was loaded with cocktail onions and now you have a full report and I'll start thinkng about packing.

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