Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Car Repair

This posting is really not about "car repair" but I am starting to write while I am waiting for the garage to call and tell me when my car will be ready for pick up. So there is no guarantee of length or even of content.

Another great meal at "Nectar Restaurant" 1000 Delta Ave 45208 513-929-0525. Bombay, Sea Scallops and fall plum tart. As I have mentioned all the food is fresh, prepared without additives, including extra salt, and yet wonderful flavor and taste. Proteins always come with fresh veggies and light sauces and I enjoy Julie France's cooking, presentation and hospitality.

On a Tuesday a OLLI lunch( the same course that took us all to Orchid's) this time at "The Summit" the restaurant run by the culinary school at Cincinnati State (Clifton). The menu started with a Shrimp bisque, which to our benefit turned out to be a lump crab meat bisque, instead. It was accompanied by a Cranberry Blue Cheese salad( mixed greens) with a cinnamon poppy seed yogurt dressing. A very satisfying first course and possibly a sufficient amount to eat before the over the top dessert. However, we were served, as a second course, Moroccan spiced chicken with couscous, spicy lentils and tomato jam. The plate was very attractive with the spiced chicken served a golden brown, but unfortunately chicken breast is hard to keep warm and moist for a fair sized group. Next came an intermezzo, caused by a fire alarm which cleared the building. The few that did not return missed the "best for last"
Dessert was a large sized portion of Chocolate cake tower with white chocolate pieces, whipped cream and fresh red raspberries. Absolutely wonderful, perfect balance of sweet, moist filling and light dark cake. Try this restaurant Thursday, Friday or Saturday night for their offerings.

With a new couple we returned to one of our new favorites( Ed maybe we're going too much) "Enoteca Emilia" 2038 Madison Road 45208 (513) 834-5773. After heavy hors d'oeures at our home I settled for a Calamari and shrimp salad, large, crisp and filling which had been proceeded by two starters, Duck liver pate( rich, creamy and full flavored) and a hot ricotta mixture which seem bland by comparison. I accompanied my food with a crisp Orviato. Marilyn had her usual main course of Pasta Bolognese which they do very well. She also was part of the 4 sharing the starters, all served with toasted Italian bread slices. "Emilia is a treat any time of the evening.

Off for the car, more in the next few days.

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