Thursday, November 24, 2011

Calvin Trillin and Woody Allen

I don't think "depression" is exactly the correct word but I am sure feeling "discouraged" as I approach writing my Blog. I read the short Calvin Trillin article in the "New Yorker" and once again was impressed with his humorous and chatty style( he maybe my favorite food writer). Then I saw the 2 programs of Woody Allen, on PBS, and feel that there just are people given so much talent and creativity that the rest of us just have to accept "meritocracy"( or normality) and "give up the chase".
Anyway here are some comment of what we have been doing and eating over the last few days.

Over the weekend we went with our Dermatologist, and friend, to "Brio Tuscan Grille" 1 Levee Way Newport, KY 41071 (859) 431-0900. His wife was smart enough to call ahead and get on the list, which probably saved us 15 or 20 minutes of waiting time. Brio is a very decent, chain, Italian Restaurant which is run in a production mode but produces good Italian dishes. My guess is that it seats well over 100 and on the weekend it is full from 5 to 10PM or later.
I usually have the same thing( recommended by our trainer, who happens to be of Italian decent).
Starting with the Bombay( not his recommendation) I follow with the Chopped Salad, which I always find good, crisp and dressed correctly. I follow with the Margaretta Flat bread which comes crisp with a thin crust, fresh tomato slices, melted cheese and fresh basil. It is really too much for one person, unless you want to get to my usual restaurant stage, STUFFED. Marilyn had the same, as I, except instead of Bombay, first, she had decaf last. That night some of each portion of Flat bread accompanied us when we left.

With or Granddaughter, Monday for lunch, we went to "Saigon Cafe", new for all of us, 3672 Erie Ave. 45208 (513) 871-7999. Monday lunch is a very slow time and we were one of only two tables, which guaranteed very attentive service. Our server described item and answered, patiently, our many questions. Marilyn had the Chicken Pad Thai, which I tasted. The Pad Thai was a manageable portion well prepared and reasonably seasoned, not to sweet and sticky.
Kathryn and I split two "special" sushi roles ( 8 pieces each), "Saigon Cafe Role" and the "Hyde Park Roll". Both were fresh and excellent. The Hyde Park was topped with avocado and had crab and salmon in it's interior, with some spicy condiments and a bit of creamed cheese. The Saigon Cafe Role came hot and contained soft shell crab and several other items and was topped, or wrapped, in thin sliced tuna. Each platter had the usual wasabi and ginger slices. Both roles were delicious. We will return.

Just a mention "The Keystone Grill" has opened an outlet on Erie Ave, in Hyde Park and I have been there the last 2 Tuesdays for wonderful half priced Quesadillas, 9 to 10 selections.

Last night we went with two friends, in the wine distribution business, to "Honey" 4034 Hamilton Ave, Northside, (513) 541-4300. "Honey" is one of the very inventive, chef owned and run, establishments that our city can count as a culinary blessing. The owner had gone to, out of town, family, for Thanksgiving, but the kitchen and wait staff both did her proud.
As you might guess we had an excellent Pinot Noir (not inexpensive) which, of course, is handled by our friends. As a Thanksgiving treat "Honey" sent us an order of their very thin "french fries"( 3 kinds of potato's) and a plate of home made humus and tabbouleh. We should have had dessert and left but as mentioned above( to stuff ourselves) we went on to "Rabbit Confit" served with Quinoa and braised "Beef Short Ribs", with mashed potatoes and sauteed spinach. Even splitting these were large amounts. The table also had an order of roasted Brussels Sprouts and ended with a portion of Chocolate Bread pudding, with raspberry sauce and vanilla Geloto. Much too much terrific food and no one will diet today at the Thanksgiving table.

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