Thursday, December 1, 2011

Everyone must start sometime

A couple of nights ago we went, with another couple, to "Meritage" 1140 Congress Ave. Glendale, 45246 (513)376-8134. The owner, Mike Francy, had spoken to the "Let's Eat Out" class at UC (OLLI) a couple of weeks ago we we were anxious to give it a try. During his presentation he had said that they had taken the old "Glendale Gaslite Tavern" and fully redone the place and had a menu from very "family friendly" ( soaps, salads and sandwiches) to "fine dinning dishes" with a stress on their wine selections.
Our server, on this initial visit, was "on his own" for the first time and I must comment that he was pleasant and accommodating but in my opinion had not been sufficiently trained. He misquoted the prices of the specials, brought the wrong salads( not sure if it was his mistake or the kitchens) and presented the checks with the salads not corrected. Nothing in it's omission terrible but combined showing a lack of management supervision. Can you imagine having me for your first evening "on your own".
The new owner was very available and wanted our "honest comments". He did all the correct things in rectifying the situation.
Now for the positive. The food was good, ample and served hot or cold as the dish demanded.
(I get criticized for my spelling and syntax but what I try to do is just report on places we eat and my reaction)
No wine was ever mentioned, a surprise after the OLLI presentation, so I started with the usual Bombay and followed with the Iceberg Wedge. For my main item I chose the fish sandwich which came perfectly grilled and hot on a whole wheat bun with crisp pickle slices. Instead of French Fries I substituted excellent potato salad and the combination was perfect. A fine picnic on a snowy November night.
Marilyn had the steak sandwich, which she report was very good, and wonderful Macaroni and Cheese which I tasted several times, and will do so again, on my own.
This obviously is a mixed review but overall the food is worth your time and the place is clean, bright a convenient for those on the north side of Cincinnati and the "burbs. "Meritage" is a good effort and we all wish them success.

We have also been to a couple of regulars which remain on our "preferred" list.
"Enoteca Emilia" 2038 Madison Road 45208 (513)834-573. Still terrific Italian food and wine with good service and a lively spot and"Otto's" 521 Main St Covington KY 41016 (859) 491-6678 which was buzzing last Saturday night but handled approximately 150 "covers" throughout the evening in a very professional way, especially for a small restaurant with a very small kitchen.
Food and service a both remains "up to par" or beyond.

Yesterday a friend who is going to Prague ask about places to eat there. We had been in 2008 so I directed him to the posting for May of that month. European places often last longer than those in the US and I noticed that the first night in Prague we, and a group of followers, spent the evening in a "beer hall" that had opened in 1499. My blog may help people who travel so check it from time to time.

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