Monday, December 12, 2011

Around the corner

One of the long time downtown restaurants( more than 20 years in existence) moved from Walnut St, around the corner to a spot in the 580 Building on 6th St, just a door or two East of Walnut.
Our trainer, who is of Italian heritage, recommended that we give it a try. He thought that there were new owners but it is only a fairly new multi-national staff and an improved kitchen that has changed.
"Trattoria Roma" 580 Walnut St. SW 400 Cincinnati, OH 45202 (513) 723 0220 is very convenient and very decent, nothing fancy. With another couple we gave it a try a few nights ago.
The table divided a bottle of Valpolicella, a big week for that wine for me, and I followed with a small, lightly dressed Cesar Salad, which was included with my entree. My main course was fresh clams over perfectly cooked Linguine. The semi-clear broth was heavy in clam juice and my only negative is that the clams could have been scrubbed or soaked longer to remove every trace of grit. The portion size was filling and the dish satisfying. Marilyn had Linguine Bolognese, to large a portion for her, or the other lady, to finish. My taste of Marilyn's proved it to be better than acceptable.
Possibly the best dish of the evening was our friends Veal Picatta, 3 or 4 slices of tender pounded veal in a creamy lemon caper sauce. This was also served over Linguine also, maybe they made a good buy on that Pasta.
If you are in the area or want very good, not great, Italian food try "Trattoria Roma".

More around the corner from us, at Lunken Airport, is "Sky Galley" 262 Wilmer Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45226 (513)-871-7400 where we can be found from time to time. With three others we stopped in last week after some drinks and conversation at our home.
We had "noshed"(snacked) for an hour and a half and so I went with my usual lunch items; black bean soup and a Braunschweiger on rye. The soup came nice and hot and the sandwich, which is adorned with sliced hard boiled eggs and spicy, whole grained mustard was up to it's usual freshness. Marilyn, who almost always has the the Tilapia, of course, stuck with her usual while our guest had the advertised "Worlds Best Chicken Livers". Crisp Saratoga chips for all kept our calorie, fat and salt content up above normal. "Sky Galley" is most informal and always friendly and consistent.

A bit further afield we dined at "Cafe Mediterranean" 9525 Kenwood Road, Suite 8-10, Blue Ash (513)745-9386. This relocated Mid-Eastern spot moved about 6 weeks ago from the Beechmont area. Food remains excellent as proven by the Baba Ghanoush and warm pita followed by a Mediterranean style whole, grilled Sea Bass ( rubbed with olive oil, lemon and herbs before grilling). The table also had marinated chicken thighs, really delightful, and Lamb Shish Kebab. Still no liquor licence so we brought our own white wine.
Well worth the drive. ( I still can't figure out what I hit to change the print, any help?)

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