Thursday, December 22, 2011

Finishing Up

Just to finish up, what I start yesterday, here are the other places leading up to the Holidays, none new;

"Pelican's Reef" Beechmont near 5 mile road. Always fun with these very nice folks and food actually better than decent. I had grilled Brook Trout with a twice baked potato( creamy and hot) and a Cesar Salad, washed down by a Yuengling Lite( stick with the full flavored lager) while Marilyn had a thin carved prime rib sandwich, somewhat reminiscent of a Penn Station sub but upgraded by sour dough toast and a large house salad.

"Keystone Bar and Grill", Erie in East Hyde Park. With the two granddaughters, home for the holidays, we divided 2 house salad, more than enough for a lunch, not sure how anyone can eat a whole; as well as two orders of Mac and Cheese. On Mondays this item( M&C) is half priced as are the Quesadallas on Tuesday. One of the "specials" contained caramelized onions and bacon while the other had fresh tomatoes and Pesto. Both came in small cast iron skillets and were not only tasty and hot but enough so that some went home to the girls mother. As I mentioned before this new addition to the "hood" is a great place for lunch. large menu, good service and reasonable prices.

Another place with special lunch price is the "Washington Platform Salon" 1000 Elm Street a block below the new SCPA building. I was hankering for fried oysters which I had in an Appetizer portion, 8 oysters, and that would have sufficed until I heard that Tuesdays the Salmon Salad, grilled salmon on a bed of spinach with nuts, blue cheese crumbles and slices of tomato and cucumber, was the daily $1 sale item. Therefore my lunch guest and I each had one. I only ate the salmon and the rest came home for the basis of a dinner side salad, fairly full sized in it's own right. The come on is that each day one item on the full priced menu is paired with a second of the same for only $1 additional. How can one pass? Both items were very good and the place is generous to it's customers and the community.

The other spot has been a lunch at the new "Saigon Cafe" Erie Ave. in East Hyde Park. Marilyn, 2 granddaughter and a male friend, of one, made up our entourage. A 20+ year old male and his feminine companions are a veritable open pit at the table. Crab Rangoon( 2 orders), 5 large Sushi rolls(sp) a Thai omelet and a spicy tuna dish got them stoked enough for the ride home and a raid on their own families refrigerator. It was fun, very good food and thank God for half priced Sushi, a Cincinnati current phenomenon. Also 10% off for cash, don't know how they do it unless rice is very cheap, kept Grandpa solvent.

So now after several dinners at home we look forward to Christmas eve and a big family event.

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