Wednesday, December 21, 2011

On to the Holidays

Here a run down to the food we have consumed before the holidays. As someone told me, this week, my metabolism must really run on high to keep weight somewhat in check.

"Jean Robert's Table" 713 Vine Street Cincinnati 45202 (513) 621-4777.
Good news, the reservation and table situation has been straitened out as has the crowd at the front door. When we arrived at 7:40 PM, Saturday night, for a 7:45 reservation the couple who we were to meet were already seated. Other people we knew, who were there that evening, also received their tables at the reservation time.
The two other changes I noted were the offerings of several more specials and the change in price of my "starter" Bombay. The first a terrific plus and the second a reaffirmation that good things can't go on for ever.
As the server, who did a fine job through out the evening, told us of the "specials" Marilyn's eyes widened with the mention of Dover Sole, her favorite. I chose 2 items off the printed menu, Surf and Turf Tartar and Skate Fish Wings. The Tartar came as a layer of ground beef topped with chopped raw Tuna, which was separated from the beef by thinly sliced well marinated cucumbers. All was mildly seasoned.
The Skate Wing turned out to be a wing shaped piece of Skate(surprise) pleasantly broiled or grilled. It was served with fingerling potato's and a vegetable puree. Both item were beautifully done and sized perfectly.
Marilyn's sole, which I didn't taste, turned out to be small medallions rather than the usual whole fish. She was surprised but not disappointed.

I must digress and cover an oft mentioned subject- my spelling. The subject came up this week when a good friend told me she thinks my spelling is "charming"; whatever that means, certainly not perfect. I have never been able to spell and am well aware of that, what I was not aware of was the amount of misspelling on restaurant menus, which she advised is prevalent.
Since I know I am a "basket case" I rely on three sources, menus, register tapes and mostly cook books or dictionaries. If they lead me astray, which she said the former 2 often do, what you see is what you get.

Other spots in the pre-holiday list have been "Otto's" 521 Main Covington, KY (859) 491-6678 which certainly needs little comment. Brunch Sunday, for 7 family members, consisted, for the table, of Crab Hash, Benedict Otto's and Belgian Waffle with syrup and fresh berries. All are standard "Otto's" items which don't change in flavor or consistency. One thing I did notice was the attentiveness and attractiveness of the wait staff.

Computer has jamed so more later.

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