Saturday, December 31, 2011

So Long 2011

Tonight we will go to the CSO concert followed by a Gala, food, wine, auction and dancing. That will ring our the old and in the new. I'm cleaning out the file of places eaten, since I last posted, and that will be it for the year.
Thanks to those who took the time to comment. Most were verbal but I am really indebted to those who made the effort to send a written response. To all Happy New Year and may it be healthy and full of joy for all.

Christmas Eve the whole family(8) went to the "Precinct". We had to settle for a 9 PM reservation , the latest taken, as the holidays have evolved into a big time for eating out. I am of the opinion that this trend has intensified over the last 10 to 20 years.
We were handled promptly and had a good sized round table which is always nice for a group. The regular menu was available but no specials due to pressure on the kitchen.
Our daughter, who has MS, can not eat their famous steaks and so they did make an exception and served her the Crab Brulee, which Marilyn and I had enjoyed the week before in the Bar.
I had the usual, splitting a strip(MR) and baked potato with my wife.
After spreading a few extra buck around, to the staff( Christmas eve) we departed full and satisfied.

Next morning, with some CCM friends, we drove to "Uncle Yips" 10736 Reading Road Cincinnati, OH 45241 for Diem Sum. The friends had just returned from a conducting stint in China and are well versed in the cuisine. We usually go, with them, to "Jen's Chinese" but they had heard that it was under new ownership and had declined. We'll try for ourselves, and make a judgement, as none of us thought the "Uncle Yips" was quite up to "Jen's" at its prime.
We must have consumed, at least, 15 different items, with most quite acceptable, but the temperature and taste left something to be desired. My favorites were the crab balls and scallion cakes, although I managed to down almost everything brought to the table.
Price remains very reasonable with the total around $35 per couple.

Lastly we returned Thursday evening to "Enoteca Emilia" 2038 Madison Road 45208 (513) 834-5773.
I am happy to announce that they now take reservations, upstairs, for any number. We prefer the first floor and so arrive before 6:30.
As usual we were greeted by the staff and owner, most cordually, and the four of us dined for about 2 hours, although the place fills up, with a wait, after 7 PM. "Emilia" has added several new items to the menu and so after placing an order for wine and a Bianca Pizza( split between the four), wonderful, the table split both the Crispy Pork( belly) and the "Pig n' Fig Terrine'. Plenty of flavor, fat and salt in both. The terrine is a "country pate (good sized slice) and an arugula leaves mixed with chopped fresh figs and balsamic vinegar. We also managed to down 3 orders of pasta Bologense and for dessert an order of Ricotta Fritters, with orange marmalade and chocolate sauce. No one left hunger or disappointed. My new restaurant and wine bar of the year.

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