Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Interesting dishes

Last night we had dinner at "View Cucina" 2200 Victory Parkway Cincinnati, OH 45206 (513) 751-8439.The restaurant is owned by Gay and Harry Stevens, along with "Bella Luna" . The name for this space was formerly "The View" but the menu has been enhanced with additional Italian, themed dishes and there for the name change.
Last night was "half priced wine" night and consequently I shared a bottle of Valpolicella with the wife of the other couple, with whom we dined. The 2010 Bolla was quite light but went with all the food served.
I started my meal with a wonderful Eggplant salad. Five pieces of grilled eggplant, chilled and then drizzled with a light olive oil dressing. On the slices of eggplant were crumbled Feta and diced fresh tomato's. This was all nestled in a surroundings of golden raisins and pistachio kernel.
It was a wonderful mixture of flavors as well as an attractive plate.
My main course was Lamb Meatloaf, another hit. The lamb was finally ground, mixed with spices and bread crumbs, and baked to a perfect consistency. The thick slice was topped with Tomato Jam, made from crushed cherry tomato's with other seasonings and sweetness added. The combination was terrific. I skipped the potato's and instead had green beans and also asparagus both fixed slight too crispy for my palate.
The vegetables did not detract and the whole meal was a pleasant adventure in various tastes and flavors.
Marilyn had a bowl of much complimented, rich, Minestrone and a large Wedge Salad. The wedge had all the usual compliments, bacon, tomato, crumbled cheese and of course dressing.
It was a surprising evening and I recommend you give "View Cucina" a try.

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